Protein and Fat in Your Juice


I kicked sugar two weeks ago.  In order to get a full handle on my adrenals and hormones, I kissed sugar goodbye.  One of the casualties of kicking sugar, for me, is eliminating cold-pressed juice as well.  I LOVE juice.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Not only is it instantly energizing for me, it is also remarkable for evening my skin tone and whitening my eyes (among many other benefits).  However, I can’t deny the fact that it’s such a condensed form of sugar that spikes my blood sugar levels right away, which parlays into my adrenals overworking and throwing off my hormones.

BUT then, as always, Moon Juice is to my rescue with this Ayurvedic masterpiece, Monster Moon.  Comprised of Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, cucumber, romaine, spinach, coconut, chia seeds, mint, lemon and stevia. The extra bit of fat (coconut and chia) stabilizes blood sugar levels while it is metabolized, and chia adds an extra punch of protein needed to maintain blood sugar stability.  

This has become my definition of “having my cake and eating it too”.  If any of you out there are extra mindful towards hormones, blood sugar levels, or adrenals, this formula may be your new favorite treat.  An alternative would be to activate a teaspoon of chia seeds (slowly pouring hot water over a teaspoon of chia seeds in a bowl, stirring, and letting them sit overnight), and adding them to your juice. 

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