Conscious Dates


Dating for me at thirty-one is a VERY different scene than it was at twenty-four. A fun date in my mid-twenties would have been a room at Ace Hotel Palm Springs, party-favors, pool time, and margaritas - followed by a morning of wheatgrass coconut smoothies to balance out the day before. Don’t get me wrong, those were some of my most cherished experiences, and I look back at them so fondly. But now my nervous system and overall well-being cringe at just the thought of two margaritas anymore since I know that it’s going to entail a night of bad sleep and a laggy, cranky next day. And as my endocrine system would have it, I don’t even imbibe in anything anymore.  

When I called in my current partner, the very first element I put on my list was, “Spiritual. Not too out there. Just open, constantly evolving and growing (together).” And as manifestation does, I got exactly what I asked for.  A grounded individual that is already on his spiritual discovery but open to trying anything I throw at him.  It’s been the coolest adventure.

Dates that revolve around expanding our individual and co-consciousness have a massive trickle effect in relationships. Such as when two people get on the exact same page regarding manifestation. Calling in the house that they’d like, the trips they’d like to go on together, the income and careers both would like to have, this unity brings awareness to limiting thinking and fears that come up for both parties. Once they become aware, they can do the work to dissolve these blocks. The support and vibration becomes unreal. I get to witness all the time. And the power of collective energy only speeds up The Universe’s helping hand.

Last week, my partner and I were lucky enough to learn Vedic Meditation from The Broad Place. This is a practice that can have a profound effects on our overall relationship such as less long-term health problems, less stress, better sleep, more clarity, which - in all - will expansively contribute to us treating each other MUCH better and showing up as our most conscious versions of selves. It also trickles down to something as potent as a couple preparing our bodies for pregnancy. Less stress has been scientifically proven to greatly affect epigenetics and what cellular receptors are turned off - enhancing the chances of future generations not inheriting mal cellular predispositions.

Even last night we attended Lauren Spencer King’s Breathwork class at Yogala where I received super beneficial insight regarding the strategies of our businesses.

If conscious dates are something you’ve had on the mind, here are a few ideas to start weaving into your dating experience for bonding, better quality of life, elevating consciousness as individuals (then as partners) so that you can offer a better energy to the world.

MUSEUMS | it’s imperative to get to any exhibits we can, so we can expand our creativity, thoughts, and soak up culture.

DOCUMENTARIES | self-explanatory.

LECTURES | I skim through LA Weekly to see what cool lectures might be brewing.  Obviously anything pertaining to health, design, and art are must-gos.

MEDITATION | we relish in learning different types of mediation.  This alone is a great act in expanding our consciousness.

DEPRIVATION TANK | next on my list!

WELLNESS TREATMENTS | we love exploring new treatments around town.  But our default has become a Thai massage on Friday nights after a crazy week (bring your own organic jojoba or sesame oil!!).

HOT SPRINGS | pack a picnic and look up local hot springs. They are full of deep healing and are usually free.

INTUITIVES | I grew up with a family psychic. The most successful people I know have them. And it’s no wonder that my partner also consults them for business and personal. We’ve had some amazing sessions together and individually. It’s fun and brings a lot of clarity as to what the next steps are.

BREATHWORK | not only is it madly scientifically beneficial to be sending so much oxygen through your blood and to your brain, but it’s a wonder at moving energetic blocks out.

ASTROLOGY CHART | the moment I met my partner, I called Danielle Beinstein to see if this whole thing had an astrological chance.  It was pretty exciting. And she’s next level for really telling you how to lean into what aligning gifts we’ve been born with and how to navigate around what we might find tricky. Ex. “He’s a triple Virgo (workaholic), so he’ll provide a really nice life but won’t necessarily be the type of dad hanging at preschool all morning wearing a Baby Bjorn.”

SOUNDBATH | Yes, yes, yes!

Photography | Brian Overend

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips