When I first moved to LA, knowing virtually nothing about the city, I landed in Marina Del Rey. After about a week, I discovered Venice and it felt way more like my scene and vibration - so I relocated in a few months time.  I called Venice home for quite a bit. It’s where I met my first LA love, where I got my first professional job, where I bought my first new car by myself, where I surfed, where I walked, where I biked, where I skateboarded, where I gave my extra food to the homeless, where I grew up, and where I built my first community. And if I really dig deep down in my heart, it’s where I still consider “home” in LA.

A few years after living there, Mollusk Surfshop opened in Venice, and I was an early supporter. Finally, a surf brand emerged that embodied a quality, retro vibe with a modern twist and chic-casual staples.  It maintains a midcentury and seventies LA feel while still meeting today's standards.  And my connection with the brand hasn’t wavered since. One of my favorite sweaters of all time comes from Mollusk. They've always “gotten” it.

And even more important than my personal connection with their vibe, is that I’m such an advocate of their "made in California" initiative. The collection is designed in San Francisco and crafted in Oakland or Los Angeles. And we all know that local production is a big soft spot of mine when it comes to the garment industry.

On top of being locally made, building community that integrates surfing, art, craft, music, film, selling their friend's crafts and visual media through hangouts at their three locations in San Francisco, Venice, and Silver Lake create a unique and intimate surfshop experience.

Here are my favorite pieces from their Spring Collection: 

STRIPE MINI DRESS | because I love all things stripe. And this makes me feel like I'm popping around Brittany, France. 

PORPOISE SHORTS | the perfect retro shorts that go especially well with a white or tan top. 

MAGGIE SHIRT | I'm such a sucker for oxfords, and this oversized one is the perfect androgynous top for the Porpoise Shorts, Baja Shorts, and Beach bottoms. 

LEFT POINT BIKINI | because I only wear black swimwear, and can't wait to test this one out in Oaxaca in two weeks. 

GURU COVER UP | truly the embodiment of a hippie tunic. The charcoal makes my eyes pop, so I simply slip on some tan suede Birkenstocks and off I go. 

TIPPED TEE | adore! And it goes well with everything! 

SEVEN SISTER PULLOVER | for long beach days when the sun begins to set and things get slightly chilly out. 

BEACH PANT | truly, the everyday pant that also serves as the perfect travel pant, beach pant, cozy pant, or can be dressed up with a The Maggie Shirt. 

BENETAU TEE | stripes, stripes, stripes. I love stripes. 

BAJA SHORT | My favorite. I've already wore them three times this week with a white top and black suede Birkenstocks. 

Photographed by Brian Overend • Styled by Merisa Libbey

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