Consciously Clearing and Balancing Your Chakras


Chakras were a term thrown around in my world often since a young age. Through my twenties, I picked up bits and pieces of information on each of their meanings at yoga or in books but it wasn’t until the last five years that I’ve gotten really interested in their power over my physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Chakra meaning “wheel of light” in Sanskrit are seven points in the body that correlate to a plethora of aspects in your body and life – diet, well-being, work, sexuality, expansion, consciousness… And because these points are each their own vortex of energy with very specific purposes and vibrations, it’s become very important for me to clear and balance them, as blocked chakras can certainly represent blocks in manifestation.

The quick version that pertains to manifestation

FIRST CHAKRA | red, root, located at the base of our spine and represents foundation. On a spiritual level, it impacts clarity, focus, ability to let go, simplify, and eliminate. Out of balance root chakra is a vibrational reflection of a cluttered environment, cluttered ideas, and plans. Clothes you haven’t work in six months, broken electronics, trash in your yard, and cluttered goals. One needs to physically de-clutter, simplify and eliminate those so that they can get very focused and clear about what they are calling in, as well as make space for it. Questions to ask yourself: do I need this? Have I used it for the last six months? Are ALL of my emotional associations with it positive? Am I VERY clear on my goals and list?

SECOND CHAKRA | orange, navel, represents boundaries and creating flow. This chakra represents creativity, intimacy, playfulness, pleasure, physical and sexual vitality, and spontaneity. Emotionally and spiritually this chakra affects your ability to trust and honor your feelings or being secure enough to entertain new ideas. When it’s out of balance you second guess yourself, constrict your creativity and are unable to see the big picture. This can show up in a few ways: over-structured & lacking spontaneity, creativity, and listening to your intuition or lazy, lackadaisical, and unable to finish projects. It’s important to allow time for creativity and spontaneity and view time an abundance rather than a linear structure. Great ways to approach this is by keeping it simple. Learn to delegate tasks. Unscheduled yourself fully one day a week and go out into the world fully following your intuition.

THIRD CHAKRA | yellow, solar plexus, between the navel and sternum. This energy vortex has to do with ego, will, strength, and your spiritual strength. In balance, you feel fully peaceful with you and comfortable to express your authentic self. Out of balance, you experience self-judgment, doubts, and expand energy trying to be something you are not. You are more focused on “should be” than being happy with who you are. And judging yourself can be a huge block in attracting what you are calling in. Especially in the form of feeling not worthy enough because you aren’t "this" or don’t have "that". This causes you to focus on limitations. The important task at hand is to bring light to all of your self-judgments, fears, and feelings of low self-worth and then begin healing them.

FOURTH CHAKRA | green, heart center, represents clearing relationships. Out of balance, you experience fear, lack of trust, and disconnection with yourself and everything around you.  In balance, you are able to love everything: people, plants, animals, and yourself. Spiritually it corresponds to forgiveness, connection, and gratitude. If you have toxic relationships in your life, it’s important to let them go in a loving and conscious way. If you have healthy relationships in your life, it’s important to open up the dialogue of communication which usually boils down to these four sayings: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” And really seeing where they are coming from. Blocked relationships mean blocked manifesting. Forgiveness creates flow. Some relationships come into our life as medicine when we need it. But if they turn toxic, too much medicine can become poisonous, so it’s important to let them go with grace. 

FIFTH CHAKRA | light blue, throat, and deals with truth and finances. In balance, you’ll experience a consistency between your actions and your words.  You are not afraid to say what you need, and you feel a sense of self-worth. This deals greatly with attracting the finances and abundance that is all of our birthrights, and feeling worthy enough to receive it. And imbalance is a direct reflection of in-harmony of finances. Things to survey, how big are you money scope? Are you setting very clear boundaries about the type of work you want to do, how much you’d like to make, during the timeframe you’d like to be available, with the people you’d like to be doing business with? Are you paying bills on time and being ethical with borrowed money? Your relationship with your finances is a direct reflection of your inner world. Are you afraid to take risks, open up to larger beliefs, or have faith that all your money comes from the universe?

SIXTH CHAKRA | indigo, third eye (center of brows), represents clearing limitations. When this chakra is in balance, it allows you to open up to the non-physical reality and rely on your intuition. Out of balance, you doubt every decision and look for more information to validate your choices, creating more inner confusion. In way of manifestation, this is a very important chakra to balance because of how much you must rely on your intuition and expand your belief system. This chakra allows you to break through any preconceived ideas and self-defeating habits. Are you believing the obstacles that society, yourself, and nurturing have laid out for why you can’t achieve what you want? Are you doing the work to expand your worth and fearlessly listen to your intuition?

SEVENTH CHAKRA | violet, crown of the head, this is your connection to The Universe. This chakra is your direct correlation to the key components of manifestation, after you’ve done all the work: trust, acceptance, willingness to grow beyond your fears, low self-worth, so that you can allow manifestation to flourish. Out of balance you fel isolation, despair, and confusion regarding your purpose and all that is coming. Access to it is most often found in quiet moments of meditation, stillness, and contemplation, or focus of gratitude.

Tools for keeping your chakras balanced

MANIFESTATION SESSION | having someone take a look at your process usually results in spotting things you are unaware of (especially blocked beliefs, energy, fear, and actions). It’s gives the extra vibration of absolute knowing and confidence that you are taking the exact action steps, customized specifically to your personal situation and approach, to achieve what you want much quicker with more specificity.

KUNDALINI YOGA | Kundalini is massively powerful for opening channels rapidly to receive what you are calling in. It’s also incredibly potent for strengthening your nervous system, aura, boundaries, and chakras – among many other things.

REIKI | get a referral to the most capable reiki healer in your area. Energy work is powerful for moving blocks and balancing the chakras. 

ENERGY WORK | Lay down and take your right palm. Move it counter clockwise over each chakra while you breath in the color of it. Keep this going for 30 seconds to a minute over each chakra individualy. While you breath in, visualize the color getting deeper and deeper. Finish by making the motion of zipping up your chakras after (start at the bottom and zip to the top of your head). 

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Photographed by Brian Overend


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