Full Moon In Scorpio


Have you guys been feeling this moon? I certainly have. It’s bringing light to all of those dark dynamics that stir underneath. You know the ones, because we avoid them. It’s also a moon that focuses on getting clear with our relationships to others as well as self. Really dig and look at the root of the patterns that are coming to light. Especially in way of commitments and contractual agreements. Any sticky things that are coming up, it’s incredibly important to handle them with as much consciousness as we know how.

We are ALL getting pushed to our edge right now, and it’s further than the happy sort-of-comfortable places we are familiar with. Embrace the uncomfortably and the stress it brings up. Find the calmness in it and the lessons, because they are what are pushing us into a new direction and forcing us to evolve. This is a time to dismiss anger and bring your lower consciousness up to your highest vibration (and get clear about personal goals). See the big picture. What’s not good enough, empty, not working within? Don’t project those onto others.  Pull your energy in and take a look at those so you can take action to remedy them.

The goods keepin' me sane under this unsettled lunar energy

PYRITE | to promote positive thinking, enhance confidence & assertiveness.

PRESCOTT RING | Victorian ring perfection.

COPAL | to call in good energy and for the perfect masculine resin scent. 

ANTI-FIT SORONA TEE |  because it’s made out of corn and bamboo.

GERI PANT | because it’s black indigo dyed in the traditional way, and made out of Japanese woven washi rice paper. And makes for the PERFECT high-rise pant this season.

MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE | because I respect the person that recommended it to me, deeply.

DOTERRA MINTS | um… hello! Essential oil breath fresheners. Have I been living under a rock?

GREEN DREAM | I’ve been so slammed with work that making a green smoothie is out of the question at the moment. So this inside coconut milk with some stevia, and bam! 

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