We depart tomorrow am for Mexico City and then Oaxaca. Two places I’ve been desperate to visit for ages. Mexico City for its colors, dining, architecture, bustle,  and museums.  And Oaxaca for its textiles, natural hot springs, mole, indigenous ceramics, and so much more. We will also be enjoying the coast of Oaxaca for a few nights. 

There is nothing that I love more about visiting warm climates than the simple fact that I can pack a few linen pieces, some sandals, a hat, a couple of skin butters and oils, and a body brush, and be on my way for nine days.  Warm clients=very natural and effortless living. Here are the essentials I’m packing for Mexico.

NUCIFERA | because this has become my facial-in-a-jar. I cleanse with it morning and night. Morning, I leave it on while I shower so the steam can pull out debris. I never thought I’d be an oil-cleansing convert, but here I am screaming of its magic from the rooftops.

MALTINTO NUBUCK BAG | a chic backpack makes carrying a few extra things (like my camera, snacks, and other tidbits) much more manageable and aligned for my shoulders and back. It’s also functional and safe.

BODY BRUSH | I never travel without it. I never go a day without dry body brushing and moving my lymphatic system.

PALM LEAF FEDORA | I wear this everywhere to hide my fair skin from the harsh weather.

GARY JUMPER SHORTS | I have the linen pant version of these, and I’ve been PINING after the shorts. But I’m only brining a few linen pieces of clothing because why bring sand to the beach, right? I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be coming back with great Mexican textiles.

LAURA SCHOORL SLIDES | because my heart has skipped a beat ever since I first discovered them three months ago.

ATMAN ROLL ON SCENT | I’ve been wearing this scent daily. It’s comforting and protective spiritual armor. Sandalwood awakens intuition, Frankincense clears away mental cobwebs and sharpens focus, a touch of Neroli reminds you of the sun, and Tulsi and precious Reserve Palo Santo create a living tribute when fused with your chemistry. ATMAN enhances meditation, the warmth and depth of your heart song, and balances emotions while opening the door to compassion.

The vibes are high and it makes me feel quite grounded. It also lasts all day.

SUN POTION SHEA BUTTER & JIVA APOHA MUKTI | these are the only two items I use to hydrate and moisturize my entire body. Not only are is shea loaded with vitamin e, natural spf, and tons of benefits but the essential oils from Mukti are mild aroma therapy that grounds me. I’ve been using them both together for years. I scoop shea butter in my palm, add a few squirts of the Mukti oil, melt them in my palms and massage my entire body.

PHILOSOPHIE COCONUT DREAM | some sprouted nuts, a bowl of kitchari, and this butter will be accompanying me on my flight to stay nourished and far away from plane food. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips