New Moon SuperMoon in Aries


This New Moon SuperMoon in Aries offers us a fresh start to the astrological year. It gifts us space to get clear on what intentions we are looking to set for the unfolding year before us. This moon is one that is particularity powerful for manifestation as it aligns us with two strong components: strong authentic individuality, and getting rid of fear so we can live in complete personal freedom from limitations.  It’s also showing us that if we do the work to radically transform, we have the ability to anchor into a new foundation we can build on for many years.

So here’s the deal, how are you not fully living out your own personal truthful authenticity? What areas are you finding fears that limit you to live fearlessly and not freely? What blocks do you need to work on breaking through? Set your intentions tonight. It’s the perfect time to brainstorm that new career path, call in what you are wanting, and to detox anything that is keeping you from living your absolute complete authentic freedom.

Set your goals high and start reading the books you need to read, working with the healers you need to heal, expanding your consciousness, and taking step after step to accomplish those goals. Break through fear, into limitless freedom, and total authenticity. 

The few things I’m wearing and enjoying today under this amazing lunar renewal.

VEDIC MEDITATION | I’ve been attending the most phenomenal workshop with Jacqui Lewis of The Broad Place (a school for creativity, consciousness and clarity) where I’m learning the process of vedic meditation, which has been the most approachable meditation I’ve learned to date. It can be easily practiced in today’s hectic society while reaching deep states of relaxation and incredible results and benefits for the nervous system. As I stream deeper and deeper into Ayurvedic living (cooking, herbs, lifestyle regime), it’s no wonder that this landed perfectly in my path. And there are a few more workshops and talks in LA while Jac is in from Australia. 

CITRINE | it’s been charging under this lunar energy where I’ll place it in my money corner to keep this incredibly abundant time flowing. It’s also the mineral of manifestation, so I have a tiny guy in my wallet, at my desk, and in my money corner.

THE MOONSTONED | everyone here knows that I’m the biggest lover of all things vintage—especially jewelry.  When Desiree Pais introduced me to this great new company out of NYC, I was instantly drawn to the curation.  A few months ago I had been manifesting this exact signet gold vintage ring.  And as luck would have it, bam The Universe added it to my collection.

FLEURS D’AFRIQUE | WOW. WOW. WOW. Fleurs d’Afrique infuses Africa’s night-blooming fragrant flowers from ancient Baobab trees and The Queen of the Night - Jasmine Grandiflorum, hand picked at dusk - making it ideal for skin exposed to urban stress, UV damage, pollution, harsh climates and is recommended for hormonal, mature, unbalanced, seborrheic and sensitive skin. With a unique delivery system that penetrates deeply, this light multi-correcting phyto-elixir stimulates skin cell renewal, refines, protects and envelopes the skin with finest Damask Rose, regenerating Immortelle flower, restorative soothing plant extracts, free radical-quenching CoQ10 and a distinct African Oil Complex which forms a powerful essential fatty acid matrix of high levels of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 to fade and fight the signs of aging skin: fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, redness, dryness and sagging skin.  It’s been the only oil I’ve applied to my face for three weeks. In the evening, I cleanse with Nucifera. After a spray of hydrosol, I add a few drops of Fleurs and warm it in my palms, and then I massage and pat into my face for a few minutes. Remarkable.

BLAZEMONO | is my new uniform. I wear this traditionally indigo dyed, non-toxic, Japanese organic cotton blazer meets kimono daily. Not only is it the best pop on top of all the white I wear, but indigo is associated with the third eye and heightened intuition. The color therapy of it is unreal.

 SIMON MILLER LAMERE PANT | the end all be all of pants this season.

EDGE THONG SANDAL | everything Eileen Fisher is doing these days blows my mind. Especially her new organic linen collection. She’s always been such a huge pioneer in the less-toxic, sustainable clothing movement, which makes her utterly inspiring, and in return I'm a huge supporter. These are the perfect summer slides to take me wherever the sun may lead.  

PIONON | I’ve had a resurrected relationship with this little incense lately.  There is something about these cooler spring evenings and the woody smell of pinon that have made me extra tuned in while feeling like I’m sitting by a campfire.

EATING CLEAN | whether you are detoxing, healing an array of illnesses, reducing inflammation, cutting out gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, or refined sugar, or simply looking for SUPER tasty clean recipes, Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple’s new cookbook is going to have you inspired all season. It’s so exciting to have a cookbook in your house that has literally zero allergies or naughty recipes in it.  Hooray!

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