New Moon Circle Journal

For all of the glorious women (and men, though I feel this category might be a wee bit smaller) that already gather for New Moons and share circle with your fellow sisters, or for the lone wolves that have been curious and longing to find their group of women to connect with, this journal is for you each of you.

My astrologer and friend, Danielle Beinstein co-founded Moon Circle gatherings in Venice, created this journal with her beautiful friend and Moon Circle co-founder Paula Mallis, doula and meditation guide. And due to the tremendous shifts they witnessed take shape from their attendees, they created this journal for women everywhere – especially those not fortunate enough to join their circles in Venice, CA.

This journal is your chic and stunning guide to New Moons. It thoroughly walks you through how you can create your own circle with your fellow community – wherever that may be – with a guide on how to open a circle, create space, use astrology to navigate the circle, meditate, and most importantly how to set intentions. As the journal unfolds, you are aligned with each astrological New Moon, and thoughts and growth are provoked through a few meaningful questions. This deepens one’s experience for setting clearer intentions.

Furthermore, as a designed oriented person, the white and gold leafed cover makes for a beautiful addition to any space.  But the real proof is in the pudding when you get lost in the stunning watercolor illustrations by Savannah King.

Finally, one beautiful place to keep all of our intentions and manifestations.  A place we can revisit - especially after they've materialized! 

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