Fuller Lashes & Brows Holistically • Ally Draizin

Here I am, standing before you, needing to add to a sentence I wrote in my Beach Spa post a week ago where I said, “facialists have to be incredibly spectacular (like Kristina Holey, who practices in SF hence why I don’t go) to catch my attention.”  One facialist that escaped my mind was the very special and magical Ally Draizin.

When I had the opportunity to visit Portland in March, I was lucky enough to get a facial by her.  And it wasn’t until I was gearing up to head back to Portland today that my memory was strongly jogged! Ally is the founder of Heart Of Gold, which is one of the most vibrational experiences one will undergo. She’s an herbalist that hand blends all of her products, and she uses intuitive insight to tell you what lifestyle shifts you need to make in order to shift your skin from the inside out. On top of that, her space is completely unique, she doesn’t energetically believe in accepting tips, and it's the purest experience in way of skin treatment.  If you are lucky enough (truly) to be in Portland or passing through, I strongly suggest that you pop by for The Love Song facial.

So it was only fitting that I asked her to share the benefits of castor oil to holistically aid in fuller and longer eyebrows and eyelashes (since I’m OBSESSED with the one she made fore me). 

A | Castor oil is incredibly unique. It’s so thick and heavy that it pours like honey, and it feels just as sticky. It’s a classic folk medicine. When taken internally, it rhythmically sweeps out the intestines. I always think of castor oil in terms of rhythm. Energetically, it works in waves. It pushes rhythmically against stagnation like the waves of the ocean. Castor oil all about restoring flow and glow. 

No matter what is causing our brows and lashes to be sparse or stubby, castor oil works. It’s not an old wives tale. Why castor oil (and not, say, olive oil) for brow & lash growth? Castor oil is not at all like other oils - being almost 90% ricinoleic acid - and the only oil to contain that compound. Its tiny molecular size means it can sneak ninja-like into pores and brittle hair shafts, and work its flow-restoring magic more profoundly than any other oil. It’s nutritive and soothing as well as anti-microbial and anti-fungal. And it works well on sensitive skin while producing astonishing results on sparse brows & lashes.

You don’t have to get fancy; for you can use a small drop of plain castor oil applied with a clean finger, or you can use a clean mascara wand if you don’t want sticky fingers. Swipe it on your brows in an outward arc. Because it’s rather sticky, you’ll want to apply it before bed and leave it on overnight. You can blot off any excess, but I personally like to massage it in gently to stimulate blood flow. Then I rub my finger & thumb together and press the residue onto my lashes gently with a pinching motion (don’t tug on your lashes, be nice). 

PRO TIP | It’s ESSENTIAL that you only use a very high quality organic cold-pressed castor oil like this one.

Rhythm Restore Brow & Lash Serum

2 tbsp organic cold pressed castor oil

1/2 tsp sesame oil (not toasted), or almond oil

3 drops frankincense essential oil

PROCESS | Mix and place in an amber glass dropper bottle, and don’t forget to label it! 

For deeper wisdom, consult or visit Ally at her Portland space Heart Of Gold

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