Monday morning I headed up to my hometown (outside of Yosemite) to be present for my mom in a time of need. I do have to say that everything always aligns perfectly, for until arriving I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED the country, home, zero stimulation, and a lot of time in nature to process and recharge after all my travels. When I am not with my mom this week, you can find me in a bathing suit enjoying our historic river, eating my way through the Farmers’ Market, hiking on our property, hitting all the thrift shops, stopping a little too often at our tiny health food market, and above all getting my own quiet time to work on my own personal manifestation. Here are a few of the items accompanying me on this trip.

IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU | this book couldn’t be more prevalent in the realm of manifestation. I listened to the audio version on my five-hour drive. And epigenetics to inherited trauma are huge interests of mine. Especially when dealing with blocks, fear and low self-worth. If such things interest you as well, you’ll really enjoy this quick read.

BRAGGS GINGER SPICE | I’ve swapped kombucha for this sugar free/stevia sweetened fermented drink. It’s a tasty little lemonade, ginger-like drink. And I’m obsessed with supporting this OG brand that is sort of responsible for starting health food markets.

FRENCH BASKET | I use it daily. To toss in my journal, bathing suit and towel en route to river. Or from carting away my thrift finds to my fresh Farmers’ Market bounty, I never travel by car without it.

LEFT POINT BIKINI | I'll be wearing this under my clothes all week. You never know when the river might call.

GERI SHORTS | I’ve grown obsessed with these totally non-toxic shorts made out of Japanese washi (rice-based) paper. I’ll pop them on over my bathing suite bottoms, OR I’ll dress them up with their striped tee, Blazemono and clogs in the evening (to re-create this look). Universal and unique.

COUSU MAIN ESPADRILLES | I just picked up the yellow and black versions of these traditional Spanish espadrilles in Portland and I’m on a cloud.  The perfect summer flat all day everyday.

SAN ANDRES ROSES PURSE | I got a few of these little hand woven pouches in Mexico. They are so beautiful and so much love goes into making each one. They are great as little coin purses to housing grooming essentials.

LOCAL BLUEBERRIES | I’ve been eating them by the box. OMG!

SUN POTION PRASH | instead of lugging all my herbs up here, I brought this caramel tasting healer that is filled with most of the herbs I love. Plus the ghee and honey makes a teaspoon the most cherished treat. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips