Brook There

Earlier this year I was visiting with my close friend Dana Schmalenberg when I noticed her really pretty lace bra-strap.  I asked what brand she was wearing, and she went into a full rave, “OMG, it’s this company called Brook There that I found online out of Portland, Maine that’s organic; and the undergarments are actually sexy AND quality. I’m done with anything toxic or synthetic.”  Completely intrigued, I had her pull up the company on her phone. It’s true; the pieces were sexy, cute, and organic! I made a quick mental note and manifested them right on the spot.

Then poof, I had the luxury of trying their new Stripe Organic Triangle Bra Lingerie Set and Stripe Organic V-Neck Tee after Mexico, which completed all my nautical summer fantasies!

This set is 80% organic cotton, milled in California, and cut and sewn in Massachusetts. Aside from those YAY factors, my other three favorite elements are - unlike other organic undergarments - this set is machine wash and dry, which is very suiting for the lazy person inside me trying to cut corners where I can (i.e. hand washing or dry cleaning). My second favorite element is that the bra cups are double-layered, so not only will they hold their shape and last much longer, but they create the perfect under-your-tee look. And my third FAVORITE element is that the bra wears just right so as to not leave any red marks behind, which would indicate restriction of lymphatic flow.  I’m in love all around – quality, consciousness, aesthetic.

Because conventional cotton production is so harsh on the environment, and uses more insecticides than any other crop on the planet, one of my missions is to get my community to swap from conventional undergarments that supply toxicity on our most sensitive glands (breast), as well as reproductive areas. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips