The Rush

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Everyone’s in a rush. Due to deadlines, grading, sports, and superficial praise, we’ve been conditioned, as a society, to rush, copy, compare, and act in-authentically in order to achieve what we want. But I have one of the most liberating concepts for you. The moment you COMPLETELY live, breath, and act out of 100% authenticity, that’s the moment that you reach momentum, float, and become a magnetic force that receives everything you’ve been manifesting.

There are three direct types of energies that I notice within my practice.

REACHERS | these people are constantly clawing away at what they desire through various forms of in-authenticity. I call them dog paddlers. They are constantly flopping around in the ocean, tiring themselves out and always on the verge of drowning.

They are copying others by emulating what they do, say, wear… believing that it’s a formula that will make success materialize quicker. These are the in-authentic hustlers. The ones that are shooting off emails left and right to connect, recreating others work and branding it as their own, copying constantly, and looking to everything outside of themselves for the answers. It’s VERY prevalent in the wellness industry. It was VERY prevalent in acting. And it’s prevalent in most other careers. These are the energies furthest away from magnetizing their manifestations because they are furthest away from self. This is an energy of resistance.

SLEEPERS | these people are the people that just do what they are supposed to. I call them sleepers because they are neither conscious nor unconscious. They are asleep, but can very easily wake up if they choose. 

They are too afraid to try anything new. The ones that go through their day-to-day afraid to face fears, improve, expand, and shift their lives even though they feel that they are on the wrong path.  Sometimes they never leave their hometown (though they desire to). Sometimes they never leave the job they hate. But they have more magnetic power because they are closer to self. This is an energy of neutrality. 

FLOATER | these people wake up daily and eat, sleep, and breath their truest form of authenticity. I call them floaters because they are awake with zero need to swim, for the current is simply taking them exactly where they have asked to go - in the most divine route possible.

They ask for the exact life they want. If a fear pops up, they face it. They need not reach out to much as the exact opportunities, relationships, and success float right to them easily, quickly, in the perfect ways. They say no to anything that doesn’t feel like a complete yes. They don’t act or make choices out of fear. They have epic boundaries with relationships, their schedule, and self. They create from originality and intuitive insight, and not from other’s ideas. They are generous and fearless around money, and that's why it flows in abundantly for them. And they are magnetic forces because they are clear, correct fears, and trust in The Universe by floating down its divine river.

I’ve been a sleeper having come from an incredibly small conservative town (and lack).  I’ve certainly been a reacher. But around twenty-six I woke up, and somewhere around twenty-seven, I stopped reaching. Then the most freeing transformation materialized, I grew closer and closer into my floating self. Through the process (that is never ending), The Universe started taking care of my every want in the most divine ways and perfect time.

It's a process. Becoming 100% your authentic self and not acting out of what someone might find sexy, or what might impress your parents, or what might make you popular, or letting fear completely keep you from showing up. You are the only you. You have a very unique and divine path. And by divine right, as a physical being you are entitled to a prosperous, happy, and completely unique success. 

Survey your life to detect which energy you primarily operate from. What areas are you sleeping through?  What areas are you reaching from?  There is only one formula for success. Incredible success. Clarity, facing fear, and being 100% authentically yourself in every way. If you are primarily living as a sleeper or a reacher, I look forward to connecting over a session so that we can gracefully shift your energy into an authentic floater. 

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