Bras • Lymphatic Flow


It seems that hippies were really onto something when they began burning bras. Not only does the statement speak volumes to feministic evolution by forgoing the need to wear a device that shapes breast a certain way so that we may appeal to men for what they have been societal programmed to think is sexy, but there’s a pretty potent reason to consider lessoning the time spent in a bra.

Over a dinner a few weeks ago, my two dear friends Suzanne Hall and Meredith Baird turned me onto a phenomenal podcast where Nadine Artemis of Living Libations elaborates on breast health. Namely how balanced hormones and lymphatic drainage play key roles in the reduction of breast cancer. Not only does she expand on active ways to keep your breast healthier (breast massages everyone?), but she also educates us on the importance of bras that don’t block lymphatic flow.

How do we know if the type of bra we’re wearing is blocking this very important area in which our lymph needs to drain?  When you take off your support of choice, if there are any red marks left on your body, then you are blocking flow.

Another incredibly important highlight that I found to be thought provoking is the notion of how we are actually playing an active role in speeding up gravity’s pursuit to sag breast by wearing bras.  The notion is simple, if you were to wear your arm in a sling since the age of 12, it would be limp and lifeless due to muscle atrophy. The same goes for our breast.

A few concepts to consider

I.               If you never wear a bra, I salute you.

II.             If you feel you need the support due to size, try not wearing any support when you are around the house.

III.           If you want support, try non-toxic undergarments that don’t cut of your lymphatic flow.  For my particular size – which is nearly non-existent – I don’t wear a bra about 80% of the time because I’m usually wearing flowing, loose garments. But if I do, my favorite bra is this one pictured above by Botanica Workshop, which doesn’t leave a single mark behind - while still shaping my breast naturally. 

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