Casa Oaxaca Ceviche

Mexico has been a dream come true. Especially Oaxaca. We’ve been staying at Casa Oaxaca, which is truly the most quant, elegant, and special place. It’s Alice Water’s favorite hotel to stay, so no wonder.  (If you get the opportunity to visit, you MUST do the traditional Temazcal sweat ceremony with the local Zapotecan shaman, followed her body work and massage.) 

The first day we arrived, we had the luxury of taking a cooking class from world-renowned chef Alejandro Ruiz.  He began by taking us to the local authentic market outside of the city. The one he grew up in selling cheese from his family’s farm.

When we returned, we learned how to make traditional Oaxacan mole (dream come true!!!), Oaxacan chocolate, traditional street corn soup, and Ceviche.

Here is the INCREDIBLE (and truly easy) Ceviche recipe.


1 whole fish of choice | cleaned and cut into ¼” cubes

2 cups lemon juice

pinch oregano

½ teaspoon salt

1 full mango cubed in ¼” cubes

¼ pineapple cubed in ¼”

Avocado | measurement to your liking, sliced

1 whole cucumber | thinly sliced (or ribboned), cut & cube center

2 heirloom tomato | 3 slices per person

1 bunch cilantro | chopped (use the coriander flowers to garnish)

PROCESS | Clean and cut fish. Mix lemon, salt, olive oil, and add to the fish. Cover and chill in fridge for 15-20 minutes.  Cut the other ingredients and chill separately in the fridge for 15 minutes.


1 cup Hibiscus flowers

2 full Passion fruit

2 tbls Tamarind

2 cup Lemon juice

pinch Chili salt

1 tsp Honey 

PROCESS | place everything in a pan together. Bring to a boil, then reduce until the texture reaches a syrup. Pass through a strainer. Add to fridge.

When serving, place 3 slices of heirloom tomato in each dish and a few wedges of avocado. Assemble your ceviche artistically how you please. Garnish with pomegranate. Then drizzle the syrup over it. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips