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All of my clients know to keep a journal (or note on their phone) of anything out of the ordinary that is showing up in their lives. I.e. new people, opportunities, hang-ups, feelings of resistance, job environment, relationships, problems, encounters, signs… And the list goes on. Why? Simply because based on what is showing up in their life, I can determine where their belief system resides in all aspects of their life, how clear they are with their intentions (or if they are gray/ wishy-washy), and where their vibration (programming) is shifting. But most importantly, I can determine if they are truly doing the work based on what is showing up.

The work. When people buy into the manifestation jargon and books floating around in new age, spiritual book stores, my heart always cringes a little at the wasted money. Or when they begin committing to the process that, ‘if I stay positive, I’ll attract what I desire. If I change my negative thoughts, I’ll attract what I desire.’ And then nothing.  Which will continue to be nothing, for they aren’t doing the work.

I find neuroscience to be incredibly fascinating and something that I follow closely. I would have never started this practice otherwise. For all the research and studies that have surfaced in the last decade regarding neuroplasticity – the brain changes and shapes throughout our lifetime debunking the old notions that our brain is fixed at childhood and stays that way – are incredibly harnessing to me. This science is continuing to reveal that habits - our established ways of thinking, feeling, and doing - can be rewired by forming new connections/pathways in the brain by weakening old ones. Repeated and directed attention towards one’s desired change, one can rewire their brain. This extends itself to actions we do, how we respond to the world, creativity, imagination, and beliefs. Thus, doing the work to uncover all the old programming and limiting beliefs we’ve picked up throughout our lifetime (parents, trauma, society, media, environments) and doing the work to dissolve our old beliefs while reprogram our new belief system can literally change our whole parameter of worthiness and what we expect we deserve. I’ve done and continue to do it. And I’ve literally watched many clients do the same before my eyes. That is why I impart work to my clients that directly deals with rewiring their brain through techniques derived from neuroplasticity studies. 

Manifestation is not about thinking positively or being positive. It is not about being in the vortex. It is not about being happy all the time. Manifestation is literally about: what you believe you are, worth, and deserve, is what you will be, have, and receive.  If you are clear in your intentions, fearless, flowing, trusting, but what you are calling in isn’t transpiring, it is because you haven’t done the work to clear your blocks. 1. Your beliefs have not shifted. 2. Your self-worth has not shifted. 3. And you haven’t reprogrammed. This is the most important part of the process. It also goes without saying that if you only focus on clearing your blocks, everything around will natural show up differently as your vibration has fully shifted. 

If one doesn’t do the work, the other elements don’t matter. Little happy synchronicities will show up, but your whole reality and everything in it doesn’t change on a scalable level. One stays in the same structure that was inherited through a life of programming. Like any bandaid and quick fix in life, if one doesn’t get to the root and shift from there, the same symptoms will continue to show up.  

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