Morgan Yakus • Hypnotist

Early last week I had the honor of a hypnosis session with Morgan Yakus. I've had hypnosis on my list for quite a bit. And as fate and The Universe would have it, it directly aligned me with this powerful lady. From co-founding No.6 Store to moving towards her talent in healing work, she's miraculous at anything she does. 

Prior to our session, I'd been really taking self-inventory of how hard it is for me to communicate openly, consciously, and lovingly while remaining neutral and receptive when I'm feeling activated by emotion. It's also hard for me to set boundaries via communication as I'd normally set them by actions. It's no wonder that neither of my parents were taught how to identify their feelings nor how to communicate them effectively, therefor neither was I, so that was the focal point of our session.

She took me into trance, which felt very similar to a guided meditation. I even remember thinking at the time, 'I'm totally aware. Oh no, maybe it's not working on me.' But once she brought me out, I could hardly function. It felt like my brain had undergone a massage, literally. It took me about 30 minutes before I operated totally normal. 

The next few evenings I had really potent and interesting dreams on loop, so I knew something was going on in there.  Then my first moment of activation arose four days later.  Where I'd usually sweep my feelings under the rug, allow them to pile up, then later communicate with passive-aggressive behavior, my VERY first instinct was to remain calm. And then out of nowhere all the open, clear, and truthful words formed in my head and flowed effortlessly from my mouth. I also found myself incredibly calm, non-judgemental nor defensive towards the other person, and really heard their side of the story.  

There I was, at thirty-one, consciously communicating. Like a kid that finally overcomes a stutter, I've been consciously communicating absolutely anywhere applicable since. I'm totally equal parts baffled and grateful. New favorite thing, getting hypnotized!!!!


Libra is my sun sign, and I have Virgo moon with a Capricorn rising. Organized but very grounded!


I grew up in an alternative lifestyle in my family in Brooklyn, during the late 70's and early 80's. My mom and her husband were Buddhist and were interested in health and healing. They explored many alternative modalities, such as eating macrobiotic diet, colonics and chiropractors. I guess you could say health and healing is woven into the fabric of my life. I was always interested in alternative healing for myself and helping people. I also had a deep connection to fashion. I wanted to explore the world of fashion first, and healing later. I was in fashion for twenty years and worked in every area from being a creative assistant to the director of DKNY, P.R. at Gucci, was Lauryn Hill's stylist for her Miseducation tour, as well as having a business finding vintage for designers.

In 2005 I co-opened No.6 Store in New York's Little Italy. We had our own in house brand of shoes and clothing, as well as European vintage, and emerging designers. Six years ago I had a profound experience with a reishi herbal tonic drink, which changed my life. I became more curious about Chinese and green herbalism. I then began traveling down the road of herbal studies, training at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and received a past life regression training from Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives Many MastersThis entryway into the healing arts was happening simultaneously while continuing to run my company. Through my own experience with hypnosis and past life regression, I was able to shift my own deep emotional patterns. I realized that this was an amazing way to help people! Every moment has led me to where I am today.  


Hypnosis and Past Life Regression are tools to help change the patterns that have been created in our neural networks.

The most accurate way to define hypnosis is to compare it to an interactive guided meditation - it is a natural state of mind. Resolution and freedom can result in a more healthy body, mind and spirit. Hypnosis is designed to communicate with the subconscious mind using images, sounds and feelings. While in this state you are fully in control and are aware of every moment you are creating. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. 

Through these techniques, old patterns can be shifted. I think when we are younger, our first experiences imprint in every situation that we encounter thereafter. Our neural networks create a pattern to manage that situation. The pattern can run for many years, although the person may have changed. However, the pattern stays the same.

Hypnosis gives the client the opportunity to create neuroplasticity in the brain and create a new pattern that is relevant to their life now. 


I am awed by my clients’ depth and beauty, how their lives have changed, and how they have shifted their view of their life and those around them. After completing one session, clients often look younger, lighter and calmer. 

I have seen clients change their whole life after a couple of sessions, creating space and happiness. Some examples would be a reduction in anxiety, feeling more grounded and lighter, and accomplishing goals and dreams, creating new companies, ease with public speaking, loosing weight, meeting a well matched romantic partner, forgiving abusers and letting go of old reactive responses.  The client leans how to trust themselves more, therefore leading them to flourish in all areas of their lives. I like to teach my clients tools that they can use in their daily lives after their session, self-hypnosis and re-patterning techniques. The goal is for the client to empower her or himself, instilling the knowledge that they are in control of changing. 


Anyone would benefit from these sessions! If there is a pattern or block that needs to be shifted, this work can be very beneficial, creating a personal insight and depth of awareness.

I explain to the client how the brain is creating the patterns, and suggest what they need to work towards. I teach people how to talk more positively to themselves, therefore turning the negative self-talk down.


This work is truly an amazing experience for the client is always in cognizant and can remember everything. It is an empowering phenomenon to engage with. I use the client’s words and metaphors to light up their past and present neural networks, which is personalized to them. 


Before I started this work I was very shy, and the idea of public speaking or putting myself out there was overwhelming. Nerve racking!

I am now holding multiple workshops a month and talking in front of large groups on a regular basis. Through the tools I have learned, I have been able to create more positive thoughts and understand how my patterns work. In this way, I am continually shifting these old patterns - much quicker -and have a deeper understanding of people and their path. This has led me to a greater sense of compassion.


I ground in many different ways. Spending time in nature, sleep, and having fun is imperative for me! I also work with various herbs and receive acupuncture.


Give yourself time to explore the city and leave your plans open. This way you can discover many shops and eateries.

-Check Time Out New York, for the daily happenings in music, art and performances. Wear comfortable shoes! 

- Rent an Airbnb as an alternative to staying in a hotel

- Staten Island Ferry at sunset, it’s fun and free

- Walk around and eat your way through - East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown. There are so many experiences to have and jewels to find in these areas in NYC.

- Ride a bike or walk over Williamsburg Bridge and have lunch or dinner at Samurai Mama or Five Leaves in Williamsburg

- Central Park. So much to explore and I love the secret garden

- Guggenheim, PS1, Met Museum or the Natural History Museum’s stone and crystal collection

- Lift Float in Brooklyn. Float in 1200l Ibs of salt, for an hour it will leave you relaxed for at least three days!

- Souen macrobiotic restaurant in Union Square is one of my favorite places to eat

- Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

- Union Square Farmers Market

- Spa Castle Korean Spa

- Sleep No More, an interactive performance that takes place in the "McKittric Hotel" in Chelsea, all participants must wear a mask while walking around the performance while interacting with the actors. 

- Have a slice of pizza!

Photos | Juliette Favat

For sessions visit Morgan Yakus' site.  And make sure to keep up with her workshops

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