NATIVE week No. 7


I. This incredible article on releasing relationships that no longer serve you (which is a huge component of manifestation). 

II. Last Tuesday I decided that the best accessory for the summer would be a bright French lip, so I went out and treated myself to a couple of these. In Kharma Chamel (for daytime) and 99 Red Balloons (for evening). 

III. Grrr. Do I buy these before departing to Seattle, NYC and Italy for the next month? To buy or not to buy? 

IV. Found this article to be hyper inspiring last week. 

V. Channeling this all-white look for the next few weeks. 

VI. Loved this podcast. The brain really is capable of SO much. 

VII. On my "make" list

VIII. Sweet Shiva + Ayurveda Skin Care Naturally

IX. Two weeks ago I tried this, and it really was magical. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips



Photo | Juliette Favat