Projection of Self

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1. Everything in your life is a projection of your beliefs.

2. You are 100% responsible for everything that is showing up.

When we are clear about these two pieces of information, then it makes this work A LOT faster. And manifestations flow in a lot quicker. It also allows us to take control of our reality, shift our beliefs and energy, then everything outside of us shifts. When we are unclear of these two realities, then we are subject to repeating the same cycles over and over again, and scratching our heads “why”.


I. A friend tells you off, a partner fights with you, and you lose your job in the same week.

II. You keep attracting emotionally unavailable people to date.

III. Your partner doesn’t seem as interested in you, isn’t very intrigued by your body, and isn’t as spontaneous anymore.

IV. You get into a small fender-bender, leave your keys in your car, and it feels like your manifestation flow has complete stopped.

V. You work for one shitty boss after another.

Sadly, none of these can be blamed on the other people involved. Truly. And the moment one starts taking 100% responsibility for everything that is showing up in their life, doing the inventory as to what beliefs are projecting to attract it, then shifting the core beliefs - automatically those problems and people work themselves out, stop showing up, or fall out of your life.

When we shift our beliefs and energy, everything shifts. It’s manifestation 101. And everything that is showing up is a lesson and an opportunity. A lesson from the universe reflecting your self-worth and an opportunity to learn (pass) the lesson (test).

Projections From Examples Above

I. Doesn’t believe that he/she is good, worthy, and credible enough. And so everyone in his/her life is reflecting that back to him/her.

II. Doesn’t believe that he/she is fully worthy of a completely present and committed equal. And rather than passing the lesson by doing some work as well as turning down absolutely anyone thats showing up not completely present and committed, he/she is continuing to believe unworthiness.

III. Doesn’t believe that he/she is interesting, doesn’t truly love his/her own body fully, puts all his/her power and self-worth into his/her partner. If this person took up space, fell madly in love with his/her self, body, and valued himself/herself above all other things for exactly who they are, this energy would shift and balance right back into place.

IV. Most likely this person is far too focused on and concerned with lack and what they don’t have. This is literally The Universe sending strong signs to wake up and heal their lack patterns/programming.

V. Doesn’t value his/her own opinions, talent, credibility, and has a very low opinion of self overall.

 The magical and exciting thing to remember is that everything is energy. So once you shift your energy, naturally – without knowing it – your boss, partner, finances, dating experience etc etc shifts. Always, without fail. So for the control freaks (like myself), this is very empowering.  

Rather than freaking out next time uncomfortable things show up, look for the lessons in them. Do some List Of Awareness journaling to get to the bottom of them. Then do the work to shift the root beliefs responsible. If you don’t have a clear trajectory of that process, I look forward to connecting over a session. 

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