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Many of you know about my love for Stefani Padilla! I met her a couple of years ago, joined in the beautiful women's circles she's held, and carry a deep amount of gratitude for the products she puts into the world. As such a fan and lover of plants and the potency they offer us without harm, Stefani has really outdone herself with her new La Tierra Sagrada Shampoo & Conditioner. I've been waiting for it for two years now, and it was well worth the wait. I'll let her tell you why. 




I have been doing hair for over a decade. Alongside transforming hair, I have done a lot of work on the spiritual realm. In my 20's I worked closely with many wise plant teachers-herbalists of the north and curanderos from the south. Thus, incorporating plant medicine heavily into my life. 

After battling a series of auto immune disorders, one including a debilitating episode of chronic rheumatoid arthritis at age 28, I was put on heavy medications to help me to walk again. The side effects from these medications ended up destroying my system. One of the most intense side effects was losing my hair. So, I took the natural approach to healing, and went back to the plants. It was in a ceremony where La Tierra Sagrada (The Sacred Earth) was conceived. I created this natural line as a way to heal myself, and share the healing with anyone else who has suffered from hair loss due to disease, medication, stress, having a baby, etc. I launched the line two years ago, highlighting plant medicine, to share the wisdom, protection and healing benefits of these plants. 


What an enduring journey it is to create a shampoo and conditioner solely evolved from plants.

It took 2 years of formulating and testing to get the products to the level I was desiring. The most difficult part was finding a chemist and lab that would work with the constraints I had - simple, higher-end products, free from synthetics and derived from plants.. Getting the lab on board to create a product without sulphates, parabens and silicones was an arduous process, but a battle well worth it!

The 2 years of trial has really paid off, we now have created a luxurious product that not only cleanses the hair without the fillers, but also conditions the hair by replenishing all of the moisture without weighing it down. I am so overjoyed to get this out and to share with the world! 


There are a few high vibe ingredients included in the shampoo and conditioner that I'm extremely excited about. For the shampoo, while researching alternatives to synthetic preservatives, we decided to use Radish Root Ferment, which is derived from fermented radish and used as a natural preservative. It is highly anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory. It helps to balance out dandruff or other scalp irritations. As for the Conditioner, I wanted to create from the same ingredients as the Treatment, but in the form of a daily moisturizer. The ingredients like Babassu oil and coconut oil help to repair, soften and add shine, as well as lock in moisture. Also, equally as excited to collaborate with Sanae Intoxicants in using her expertise in scenting. The scent is indeed intoxicating, with hints of Palo Santo, Vetiver and Bergamot.


Consciousness and mindfulness. Our hair is an extension of ourselves. Taking the time to create a ritual when washing is important.

I usually prescribe a washing ritual to each client, depending on how often they shampoo their hair. I recommend washing 1 time if you're a frequent washer (daily) or 2 times, if you're less frequent (2-3 days). Massaging the scalp with shampoo, helps stimulate the follicle and really helps balance out scalp irritations. As for the conditioner, I recommend pulling through the mid shaft and ends, leaving in for 3-5 minutes, depending on the amount of moisture desired. I do this daily, even if I don't shampoo, to add moisture and shine.  


Through many traditions hair is considered an extension of the self. From a yogic perspective, hair is a gift from nature that can help increase vitality, intuition and tranquility. Hair is considered to be our antennae. In Native American tradition, hair represents our strength, wisdom and power. The importance of a hair ritual all begins with your connection to self and your intention with your hair. A hair cutting ritual can be tailored to what you feel is necessary for your hair. Certain clients cut annually as a form of "rebirth" or "cutting away," I also have many clients who follow the moon phases when cutting. Ritual is the conscious connection of the self to an action. Creating these types of practices on a consistent level is when you will see a transformation and quicker results! 


YES! The La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment.

This treatment is for EVERYONE. The base of the Treatment is coconut oil, it is also packed with other powerful, nutrient rich, plant oils. Its potency can actually transform hair in one dose! The coconut oil is best for hydration, the babassu oil is used for shine, and the meadowfoam seed oil (I call the fountain of youth) is used to seal in moisture. I threw in a little vitamin E for good measure, AND its antioxidant power. This Treatment has the ability to heal your hair, not just put a temporary bandaid on a problem. 


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