NATIVE Week No. 8


Dying to go to this natural Icelandic springs/spa. 


Next up on my book list

My favorite art series that's totally affordable (for now), and makes any room look chic. 

Update, I manifested the shoes and now all is well in the world again. I'll also be wearing them every single day this summer (and potentially sleeping in them). 

This article makes me feel normal. 

Really vibing on these cold-pressed oils and want to try. 

Today, I'm on this island. And I'm equal parts calm, happy, in-love, and having a lot of aquarian's-thirst-for-newness quenched. 

I thank The Universe for Shiva, and this beautiful information, which I practice and believe is very important. 

Can't stop listening to every single one of these podcast episodes. 

I have a strange feeling that I'm about to go through a high-wasted bellbottom phase. 

Hypnotist Morgan Yakus taught me this self-hypnosis tech. I've been using it, and it's kind of blowing my mind. 

On the edge of my seat for this cookbook


Photo | Juliette Favat

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips