We're in full summer swing. I mean it's currently 103 in my hometown where I sit here melting while writing this. To my utter surprise, it's the first time I'm not completely turned off by the summer's heat. Something feels different about it this year. Or maybe it's so early in the season that I find it dry, healing, and refreshing. OR maybe it's because I just got back from Vashon, Washington where it stormed the first two days, so I feel mildly up for the heat. 

Whatever the reason may be, I'm super into it. I just went on a barefoot hike down my father's windy dirt road in nothing but white cutoffs, a tee, and a straw hat. I'm really soaking it up. On Sunday I head to NYC - I've never been in the summer - and I'm SUPER excited to fully embrace the sexy, sweaty, sticky experience. It's all very romantic in my mind like a Scorsese film from the 70's. - spaghetti straps, clogs, and high-wasted bottoms. We'll see...

All of this heat made me start craving Aloe Vera internally. Then that made me inspired to make things externally. I love when seasonal cravings naturally come about. That's the body communicating that I need aloe's beautiful hydration, toning properties, and digestion regulation. So that of course made me want to share all of the recipes I intend to make once I arrive back in LA on Thursday (where can forage some good aloe leaves from the hood). 

i. This aloe vera DIY shave jell (LOVE these ingredients). 

ii. My Hibiscus Rose & Aloe Tonic recipe

iii. These aloe & rose DIY post workout face pads. 

iv. My after sun bathing Aloe & Rose apres soleil recipe to stretch your suntan longer.  

v. My quick aloe immune boosting shot recipe.

vi. This aloe & green tea DIY face scrub. 

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