Urban Moonshine • Simmer Down & Hit The Hay

When it comes to health, the number one email subject we receive is how one can sleep better. And it’s no surprise that, that is also the most popular page under our “staples” category.  So it’s safe for me to declare that sleep issues are pretty universal in our overly stimulated society.  

I’m deeply envious of people with nearly perfect sleeping patterns. My partner can literally rest his head on a pillow and go into a deep eight-hour sleep without a problem.  Whereas I’m a whole situation, for I’ve gone through many different sleep phases in my adult life. Not only do I suffer from endocrine issues, namely adrenal fatigue, which often creates a 3a wakeup for me, I also have sleep anxiety as well as a nervous system that is usually over activated. Some great coping mechanisms, such as practicing vedic meditation twice a day and cutting out sugar (keeping blood sugar levels stable), have certainly helped to restore a normal sleep cycle for me.  However, two days of too much stress and my sleep is so sensitive that it can go off course.

So when products come into your life that literally feel like they were made for you, you can’t help but jump for joy. Meet Urban Moonshine’s two sleep aids, Simmer Down and Hit The Hay.  Both are absolutely phenomenal. And if you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, here is why you’ll love them.  


One’s perfect remedy to add to their daily health regime if they are finding themselves constantly wired, frazzled, and tired but unable to settle into sleep (too much going on in life/ dragging you down). Or simply run down from stress in general (even if one's sleep cycles aren't affected). This is a deep adrenal building supportive tonic to make it so that getting into a relaxed state is a whole lot easier and it's meant to be taken daily. I’ve listed the gentle calming adaptagens below (which set the stage for rest), as well as the wonderful nervous system restorative herbs.  

Ashwagandha | This robust root is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered one of the ultimate adaptogens. Ashwagandha supports resilience and balance through life’s little ups and downs. It is nutritionally fortifying and maintains a healthy nervous system, improving your ability to stay strong, steady and grounded.

Skullcap | Skullcap is a wonderful everyday herb for supporting calmness and ease. Helpful for maintaining a relaxed nervous system, it’s great in occasional moments of restlessness. Think of it as a soothing “cap” to pull over a busy mind.

Tulsi | A beloved herb in its native India, aromatic tulsi is a favorite of herbalists far and wide. Traditionally used to support nearly every system in the body, this herb embodies balance and equilibrium. It stands out as an adaptogen because, while virtually every other plant in this class calls for using the root, it is the pleasantly aromatic leaf and flower of tulsi that we call on. This herb supports a healthy stress response while its aromatic properties have the ability to gently uplift the spirit.

Milky Oats | Milky oats are, without a doubt, an herbalists’ favorite when it comes to supporting a relaxed nervous system. This herb must be harvested in high summer at just the right moment—the brief window when their immature seedpods fill with the milky, white nectar that gives the plant its magic. Deeply nutritive and nourishing, milky oats have the ability to gently soothe the system during those passing moments of feeling run down in a busy world.


This, on the other hand, is the perfect remedy to always have on hand for the occasional sleepless night, or few occasional sleepless nights. It isn’t meant to be taken daily. The herbs in this formula relax the body, relieve pain, quiet and still the mind. A teaspoon before going to bed will take you to a deep state of relaxation in about thirty minutes - finding it easier to fall into a deep sleep.  

Passionflower | Striking in appearance, we can tell just by looking at passionflower that it has something extra special to offer. The herb is a trusted standby for helping unwind at the end of a long day.  It supports ultimate relaxation, leaving you ready to melt into a healthy night’s sleep.

Kava | Kava root is as pronounced in taste as it is in action. It is especially well-suited for supporting a relaxed nervous system.  In the face of common, everyday stress and tension, fast-acting kava is one of the most powerful herbs you can have on hand. 

Hops |  Hops is recognizable by its strong and bitter taste, and is the familiar flavor found in your favorite IPA beer. The resin-laden, feathery strobiles of the hops vine act as potent nervines. They are fast acting as they soothe tension and support balanced sleep cycles. Incorporating this herb into your nightly ritual encourages restful sleep.

California Poppy | California poppy, a famed wildflower and garden favorite, has buttery orange petals that are at once bold and soothing to behold. This endearing plant soothes not just in appearance, but also in its ability to support a relaxed nervous system. California poppy is a wonderful bedtime herb that gently supports deep rest at the end of a long day.

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