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Jennifer Kass is quite the love spreader. With a new app out, #lovepioneer - a 44-meditation card deck - and a broad NYC clientele that she mentors, this love warrior is here to ask us to feel our feelings and look at the darkness so that we can then see the light. Most of all, she's here to guide us deeper through the depths and layers of pure love. 


I am made of opposing qualities and it's even in my stars! Aries sun, the star of independence, with Libra rising (most powerful in partnership). In many ways I'm a textbook Aries - fiery, natural leader - but I love partnership and I'm so, so sensitive. 


The seeds were planted since birth. My parents were pioneering a more sustainable way of living by raising me on macrobiotics, Buddhism, and alternative medicine. But it wasn't until my life crumbled in a divine storm five years after leaving my hometown Boulder to come to New York City - working in magazines, and living in codependent relationships for decades - that I experienced a profound inner shift that changed the course of my life. Over the past five years I have been deepening and integrating the changes and this source of inner love that I discovered through my journey inward in meditation and through my life challenges and relationships. 


Love is truth. The challenge we have with love is that we have learned so many distorted ideas about what love is. For many years my teachings were focused on divine love and self-love, and now I'm talking more about human love and human relationships, and unraveling false ideas of love.

The current love movement is heavily focused on the light - denying the darkness, keeping us complacent or passive when we really need to take action in our personal lives and in the world to create positive change. We can't see the light without seeing the darkness first. We tend to think of love as soft or even weak. But love is strong and vulnerable, and sometimes love gets angry and is a catalyst for healthy change. Love is brave and courageous, stands for the truth, and speaks up in these times of great change. 


Everyone I work with is a beautifully unique soul, with a unique path and transformation. I learn from them every day. I don't look at an end goal, as success and radical transformation is often invisible to the eye. So my favorite story of transformation is a woman who dropped a huge amount of practices and beliefs that had her spiritually bypassing, and she courageously took the deep dive into healing her suppressed emotions. She found great love inside herself after giving her power to everyone outside of her - needing their validation and approval: the ring on her finger, the big bank account - all the while abandoning herself and her passions. She has continuously let go of the things that kept her safe and small: her relationship, her job, her fears, and has detoxed her mind and body by getting off medication for depression. She has become a leader and teacher, aligned with her soulmate for life, and she doesn't stop at an arrival place. She keeps going beyond where she's been to more of her fullest expression. She doesn't stop learning about herself and moving into the unchartered territory. My clients are leaders, teaching by example through their authentic human experience, paving the way for those who are ready step into theirs. 


My new app was inspired by the watercolors and reflections I've been sharing with my readers the past few years. They have been asking me for a card deck and I realized a meditation card deck app would be really fun so they could set digital reminders with their favorite messages, or shuffle the deck and use it as an oracle. I created it to guide them in what I call an "intentional meditation" practice so they are not just taking in more information from the outside, instead experiencing a shift within. This is everything. There is guidance around life, self-love and relationships, making it a very practical yet profound tool for healing and empowerment. 

I launched the Living In Love Course this year and will be running it for the second time this Fall. It's a six-week course where I do live Q&A calls each week for deep diving and weekly podcast lessons and guided meditations with a workbook. This course was inspired by the six years I've spent working with people one-on-one in my mentoring, and by own personal journey. I've brought together an approach that integrates the emotional, psychological and spiritual healing necessary for living an authentic human experience. This course is so intimate and engaging - it's added a whole new dimension to my work and given me the capacity to offer something beyond what I've been able to offer to my larger audience who can't work one-on-one with me or has a desire to work within this intensive container. 

I offer a free weekly newsletter + podcast. My Clarity Sessions are a great way to dive deeper in the conversation and I'm there to see your blind spots and uncover what may be hidden and holding you back, help you get emotionally honest with yourself, and move forward in real life action in your life and relationships by uncovering patterns and the roots that kept them alive. These sessions bring the teachings into a personalized space so you can begin to truly integrate and apply all that you know and most importantly learn how to connect with yourself and cultivate self-trust, confidence and a loving internal space. 


Truly honoring and accepting the human experience has been grounding and liberating. Many spiritual or sensitive people want to escape the human experience or live in the clouds and it's disempowering in many ways. I've made that mistake and was quickly brought back down to earth through life challenges that made me synthesize my radical inner shifts. Embodying love is our purpose and we can't do that if we are negating our human experience in any way. I stay connected not only to my energy but to my body, my feelings and emotions, to the world, and my relationships. 


Create your sacred space and cultivate a deep relationship with yourself and also engage fully with life. Don't be afraid to do things your way, no rules, trust yourself. 


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