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Visiting Kari Jansen’s studio, I can’t think of a more serene birthing place for a product line. Even though she is only a few minutes away from the busy streets of Hollywood, her Laurel Canyon house is tucked away like a hidden treasure amongst wild flowers, trees & animals, including her giant Great Dane, Sage. Each corner has its purpose. From high wires that dry foraged herbs, to worn books about herbalism, or hand-made pots that hold fragrant oils or giant Ball jars filled with teas that bask in the sun, this is what a functioning modern home apothecary looks like.

Kari Jansen, founder of Poppy & Someday, and also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, creates a completely organic, natural and handcrafted product line of salves, sprays & lip balms. She moves at a completely opposite speed than most of us modern folk, for she must wait for herbs to sprout seed, for seasons to change, for time and patience to hand pour, touch & blend each one of her ingredients together. An important aspect of her line is that pretty much every ingredient is good enough to eat. In the world of natural beauty, it’s become household knowledge that our skin, which is our largest organ, absorbs much of what is put onto it. And truly the only way to know what is in a product is to make it yourself.

Ever wonder why people love flowers so much? Even just by being in their presence, they uplift the spirit, calm your nervous system, and used as oils (like rosehip) it can help to balance the body. She says, “many of the plants that grow near you can help your body,” adapt to the seasonal or environmental changes that are specific to you and where you live. What we need is to have a few basic tools (or plant teachings) in our toolbox to begin to know how to use them. It engages you with your world and puts the power of self-healing back into your hands.

The next time you’re at home, take a glance around. You probably have some sort variety of landscaping - like wild dandelion weeds protruding from the cement - or even a garden you’ve been neglecting but still has peppermint growing like crazy. Maybe you live in a place with great hiking. Did you ever think to forage those plants to make something beautiful and medicinal with? A great way to begin understanding how plants work, is by watching them. If you’ve ever seen a sped-up video of how these plants interact and grow, you will notice how they move with character. Plants have vibes just like humans do. Overall, Kari says, “the plants are sweet, healing and gentle.” To use these as ingredients and connect to this sweet and gentle energy, “it will help bring out those energies within you.” “True beauty emanates from the inside out. It is not just about looking great, but about the energy you send to others as well. We pick those subtle energies up from the plants.” Even keeping flowers in the house or infusing your olive oil with fresh rosemary will have some effect on you whether you know it or not. It is so simple, but her hope is that people do get out into nature and connect with the plants in any way that inspires true and natural beauty.

Kari’s Top 5 Ingredients You Can Grow at Home and Use in Your Beauty Products or Holistic Medicine Kit

Lavender | because this sweet, gentle, loving plant always takes me to a small French village.  Her resins immediately calm my mind.  So I had to visit a village in Provence and that is where I get my lavender essential oil that I use in a number of my products. Her essential oil is soothing and healing to burns, cuts, bites and other skin conditions. 

Calendula | for she is a bright, happy, healing flower.  She blossoms in sunshine.  If I ever feel down she always picks me up. Her healing properties are amazing for our skin by promoting cell repair. Restorative and nourishing for dry, inflamed, red, itchy, burned and bruised skin conditions. 

Rosemary | helps expand my breathe with her clarifying resins.  She cuts through heaviness and fog.  And increases circulation to get everything flowing.  Keeping you light and inspired. 

Patchouli | for her gentle, earthy, and grounding qualities.  Powerful skin healer with Intoxicating smell to bring you back into your body and calm your entire nervous system.  Settling you into a peaceful place. 

Rose | and her sweet aphrodisiac flowers always brings a feeling of peace and love.  Nourishing for the nerves and heart. With her astringent properties she brings tone to the tissues. Excellent for inflamed, itchy and irritated skin conditions. 

To find out how to use some of these ingredients and make your own beauty products check out the video.

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