I know that many people struggle with their “ritual”.  Do I do it in the morning? Evening? Should I meditate, then x, y, z?  Interestingly enough I get a lot of clients that bring up that they’d like to cultivate a better daily ritual.

There are a lot of spiritual and diet variation in the world. Yes, rituals contribute a lot in way of happiness, balance, connectedness, and health. But here’s a brain expanding truth. There isn’t a one-ritual-fits-all regime. And the first thing I tell a client that wants to perfect their practice is, “you’re already doing too much.”

As a western society, we are very goal and task oriented. And we focus far too much on the outcome. We also don’t take into account that we are changing moment to moment. What do both of those truths equate to?  Less is more. And the only thing constant is change.

As a person that is constantly morphing and shifting through life, it’s important to drop any concrete commitments to ritual. Yes, have a toolkit with tools you can access when specific issues arrive. But here is what I advise my clients to do. It’s very simple. Tap into your intuition. It will tell you exactly what you need at this moment to ground. If you come up with nothing, ask it to show you. And suddenly a new book, practitioner, meditation, tool, etc will pop into your life. Listen to the ebb and flow of what you need. Seasons change, the moon cycles, women shift through four hormone phases in one month. What your mind, body and soul need is cycling. It’s not your job to control what that looks like. It’s your job to listen to what it’s craving.

For instance, my only rituals right now are: 1c bone broth on an empty stomach in the morning, a 20 minute Vedic meditation in the am and afternoon, and a set of Kundalini mudras in the evening. I can tell you that this was not my same ritual last year or even six months ago. I’m constantly changing and listening to my body. Therefore I’m getting little pings of intuition of exactly what I need when I need it. Do less, and listen more. And your ever shifting rituals will take you much deeper than they are now. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips