Brooklyn Beach Spring


As an avid lover of Brooklyn Beach Spray (since the original one a few years ago), I only found it fitting to catch up with the two masterminds behind the product, Emily and Marie! You've heard me gush over this spray for quite sometime, namely how softening, volumizing, and incredible it smells - especially for someone like me that only washes my hair once a week and styles with a few squirts of this. Brooklyn Beach is a company that embodies summer and beachy days with their sprays, blankets, and super cute shorts. 


Marie is a Sagittarius, and I, Emily, am a Scorpio.


Lots and lots of time at the beach! Then creating a useful, beautiful and different beach blanket after spending so much time on the sand. And wanting a more elevated version that you don’t have to cover with shoes and coolers to keep from blowing away.

The Beach Hair was just chasing those post-ocean soaked waves, and it took off before we even had a professional label made! And everything we’ve created since are products that we don’t see out there in stores, but wish we did. Developing items we want to use and wear, and making them locally here in Brooklyn.


We probably sourced nearly 2 dozen oils from 6 or 8 different essential oil companies while trying to nail down the newest Spring scent. It was a tough one! We ended up with some unique oils – pink pepper, tobacco, hinoki and lime, among others – to get it to where we needed it to be. We’re so happy with how it turned out, it was well worth the work.

Summer just had to be fresh! And the final magical oil we added was yuzu, but it also contains rare orange blossom oil as well and a small amount of light patchouli and nutmeg in the mix.

All of our ingredients, packaging and labels are sourced from US or Canadian manufacturers and distributors.  We’re currently in the process of moving the sourcing our jojoba oil, which is in all our hair products, to Oro de Sonora - an organic jojoba grower in Southwest Arizona.


Try it on damp or nearly dried hair to bring out the waves if you have them (and to keep the frizzies away). I like how it makes my freshly washed hair look less clean and gets the hair to clump up a bit - without being sticky at all. If your hair is straight, you can spray on the roots to give some volume and lift there. A little hit of a blow dryer on hair after misting will pump the effects up a bit. And it’s great for reviving dirty hair and refreshing curls. Guys can use it basically the same way the ladies can, and it gives them a nice ‘non-styling product’ look.


We get a lot of requests to make perfume! I’m not sure if that’s specifically to the scents we already make or new ones? And we’re considered it, but are focusing on other beauty products first.


We’ve been road testing several other beauty products - a shea-based after sun butter, and a rice & bean face and body scrub – but the new product we’ve landed on is a Spring hair/body/beard oil. Because the Spring essential oil combo smells so great, and the ingredients lend it so much to an oil. It will be available online in a few weeks.

In the linen world, we have new v-neck boxy tops, also online soon, and plans to expand into more linen, easy-going beach gear.

And this summer, our friends at Kempton & Co will be doing pop-ups from their new truck all over the Hamptons. If you’re in this neck of the woods, come check out our wares for sale among the other handbags and accessories. Follow @kemptonandco to find out where it’s parked!


Wow, summer is bananas here with stuff to do. Outdoor movies, music, food and craft fairs, and the usual sidewalk dining and drinking. But if we had to pick a few neighborhoods to check out, Red Hook would be on the list. It’s got a mellow, nautical vibe and there’s great food – Fort Defiance, Red Hook Lobster Pound, bars – Bait & Tackle, Sunny’s Bar, and shopping – Kempton & Co, Foxy & Winston and Dry Dock for lots of local wine and spirits. Don’t miss Pioneer Works to see if there’s a music event or exhibit up worth popping in to see.

Bushwick also has ample eats and bars near the Morgan L Stop – El Cortez, RobertasThe Narrows, and Bunna Café. And Mary Meyer/ Friends NYC for new and vintage clothes. At the Jefferson stop we like Faro, and Montana’s Trail House for food and drink, and House of Yes for weekend brunch and interesting happenings.

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