NATIVE week no. 9

to-be-magnetic-chair-hat-Lacy Phillips

i. We're super into this frequency lately, and listen to it during travels. 

ii. My new hat (pictured above)!!! Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed! 

iii. Small batch organic teas that look bananas!! 

iv. Wearing  this guy (and the black diamond one) on all my travels. They are dainty, stunning, handmade, and their energetic properties are much needed right now.  

v. I head to New York on Sunday and I'm traveling with a NutriBullet so that I can make smoothies and THESE!

vi. Enjoyed this TED talk, and everything he does. 

vii. Himalayan Viagra fungus

viii. For anyone that has been looking to shift to a holistic dentist, Dr. Solis is your L.A. person.

ix. After cooking in these all last week in Vashon, I NEED! 

x. This look makes me excited for fall. 

xi. AHHHH, Elissa Goodman came out with this very important book!!!! 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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