Universe Goggles

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The magical thing about manifestation and The Universe is that once you really get the formula down (specific to you), and begin attracting in your List in the most kismet and synchronistic ways, over and over, your doubt in The Universe diminishes more and more. The bigger the manifestation met, the more you know The Universe will always send you something better, without fail, always – IF you are doing the work to grow low self-worth, limiting beliefs, expand the structure you’re living in, and stepping into your personal authentic power.

This is the definition of freedom, for fear becomes just another rooted limiting belief that needs awareness and to be shifted. Lesson that need to be passed are recognized with ease and excitement for you become confident that what you are asking for isn’t far behind them. It no longer has hold of your choices. It no longer has a lid on the box you’ve been living in. Things like leaving the “wrong” partner (emotionally unavailable, not wanting to commit, not seeing you fully, not treating you with respect) become recognized obstacles to pass (lessons sent for you to learn your worth and power) rather than end-of-the-world, heart-wrenching-experiences. The new job that has similar red flags as the old shitty job become laughable and turned down with ease rather than a fearful line between happiness and survival.

Manifestation = Truthfully Living The Most Authentic Powerful Version of Yourself and Accepting Nothing Less.

But the really token is that when we are doing the work and living in alignment with The Universe, it’s a major load off of our shoulders. We don’t have to worry so much, fear so much, and care so much.

The whole world becomes a whole lot easier because you’re looking at it through your Universe Goggles.

A Few Things to Be Sure Of When You Have Them On

No one is your friend. No one is your enemy. Everyone is your teacher. Just as you are everyone’s teacher you come in contact with. Understanding this is the key to letting ego go in any given situation. That ex friend isn’t a bitch, you guys simply came into each others’ lives to teach each other exactly what you needed to grow to the next level.

He wasn’t that into you because you’re not that into you. And he’s just a reflection of how worthy you think you are in a relationship. Let it go. Extract the lesson, do the work, and move on. If you believe that you aren’t worth anything, you don’t get anything. If you believe that you are worth just a little bit, you get just a little bit. If you step into your power and authentically believe that you are worth the whole thing, you get the whole thing.

When we manifest, it’s usually for something better than what we already have. Read that sentence again. Those are two different vibrations. One is smaller than the other. This is why we can’t just visualize something into existence in our life. We literally have to raise our self-worth to match the vibration of that bigger thing. It’s that simple.

The beauty of Universe Goggles is that life starts looking a lot more like a fun game and a lot less like “life and death.”

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