Uplifting Chocolate Kava Shake • Cathryn Fowler


A delicious way to help ease you into a state of relaxation is with the uplifting benefits of kava, which can help melt away stress, anxiety, and headaches - making it a lovely addition to your bedtime ritual.

2 TBLS kava root powder*
Meat and water of a Young Thai Coconut (about 2 cups coconut water - if not enough coconut water, you can use additional water)
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Reishi
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Pine Pollen
1/2 tsp Sun Potion He Shou Wu
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Mucuna
2 TBLS cacao
Sweeten, if desired, with raw honey or stevia
Optional: few drops of Omica Organics CBD oil
*Instead of kava root powder, you could also use 1/2 cup strong, concentrated kava tea and 1 1/2 cups fresh coconut water

PROCESS | Blend all ingredients together. Sip and relax!

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