Summer Smoothie Recipe Round Up


You guys! Full disclosure: I've turned into a smoothie addict on this trip (which many of you very well know from Snapchat). Literally, all restrictions have been off in the name of the summer raw smoothie. From NYC, to Florence, to Milan, I've popped into new hip raw smoothie joints and I'm obsessed!!!! I actually miss my Vitamix. Here are the recipes I'm inspired to whip up when I return that I thought fitting to share with you as well.

First, 10 smoothie hacks.

My favorite cacao smoothie recipe I made for Shiva Rose when I first launched this journal. 

Nettles and berry smoothie recipe

Ashley Neese's end of summer fig smoothie recipe.

This cacao smoothie bowl.

Meredith Baird's Breuss Juice recipe (with added chia seeds so I don't spike my blood sugar levels).

My cardamon rose lassi recipe.

Dreamy chocolate almond sundae recipe

These dosha balancing smoothie recipes

Beet, raspberry, and vanilla smoothie bowl recipe

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips