NATIVE Week | Florence, Italy



Italy has been blowing my mind. And it never seizes to amaze me how comfortable it feels for me here. I love, love, love Europe. Here are the treasures that we enjoyed in Florence. 

i. Stay on the other side of the Bridge. One side (where all of the historic landmarks are) feels like Beverly Hills tourism on crack. And the other side is bohemian, calm, and wonderful. 

ii. #Raw was a Godsend! It's the chicest little raw vegan juicery, smoothie, raw gelato, raw bites, and cacao bowls. I went at least twice a day. It blew my mind. A must, must visit!

iii. I wish we would have stayed here, but we didn't know about it until too late. 

iv. Coolest, coolest, coolest well curated vintage shop

v. You can't go without visiting these gardens

vi. One of the chicest, oldest wool brands of Florence (get the slippers).

vii. The most magical, one of a kind handmade shoes. I'm still heartbroken that they didn't have the mules I fell in love with in my size!!!!! 

Viii. Eat here. The NYC healer, Chloe Garcia Ponce, recommended it and it was wonderful. 

ix. And last but not least, one can not visit Florence without visiting Santa Maria Novella. Especially their herbal pharmacy with recipes created 500 years ago in their monastery. 

Photo | Juliette Favat

This journal will return on Monday as I'm getting present and fully enjoying the rest of Italy while I'm here! 

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