NATIVE Week No. 11


i. I was in Brooklyn and saw the cutest woman wearing these shoes at Marlow & Sons. Instantly obsessed, I stopped her mid-conversation to ask where they were from. I was expecting some intangible answer, like a little shop in Morocco. But to my surprise they were from here

ii. My client told me about this organization, and I'm SO inspired to learn more. 

iii. I just inherited this book, and surprisingly it's one of the most informative books on holistic bathing I've ever read. From sitz baths to aquatonic to ancient bath recipes. New FAV!!

iv. Very excited to check out this new super chic yoga line made of natural and noble fibers as an alternative to synthetic workout gear. Their cashmere looks unreal as well. 

v. Has everyone heard of this non-toxic sexy make up and product line

vii. Really feeling this line that is designed, cut, and sewn under one roof. 

viii. Might potentially make this, this weekend. 

xi. Duh...

Photo | Juliette Favat

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