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I’m sure that many of you have noticed a common theme intertwining these manifestation articles: stepping into your power.

Living in your power is what makes one the most magnetic. And it can’t be a false power or ego power. Those look like people that are rude, pick fights, belittle others, and are aggressive at the drop of a hat. Those are false powers because they are masking deeper insecurity, which equates to protecting themselves. We’re talking true, evolved power such as knowing your worth (or doing the work to learn your worth), and not settling for anything less (in all areas of your life).

It’s never a coincidence that I pinpoint a client’s pattern; let’s say continuing to attract and date emotionally unavailable men/women.  I’ll then advise they detoxify these men/women from their life fully, do a bit of work, and turn down any future men/women that exhibit red flags – especially emotionally unavailable ones – and BAM, their list walks into their life ready to commit. It’s because they put themselves first, found their power and worth, and didn’t settle for anything less than exactly what they want. This = magnetic.

But let’s go deeper into one’s power - what I like to call our “personal magic”. We all have very unique and authentic magic.  And it might come as a surprise that it’s usually the qualities that society has asked us to suppress.

PERSONAL MAGIC | can you think back to when you were little and thought certain aspects of you were really magical? Usually they were what put you in timeout at school, made you stay late after class, things you tried really hard “showing” your parents and peers? Elements of yourself that made you stand out and seem weird around other kids? Simmer on it for a moment. Journal these out.

Now think to today. Are they qualities that you even acknowledge in yourself anymore? Or do you hide them? Do you do everything in your power to mask them?

Examples: when a client gets in touch and asks how to develop more routine. But their sun sign is a Sagittarius. I’ll ask, have you ever thought that maybe you’re here to try everything out for a little, move onto the next, and experience everything in your life that you possibly can? It’s sort of your thing.

Or another magical client that is quite a bit of Aries. She’s direct, communicative, knows what she wants, but in our first session she was feeling super down that people find her too direct and forward. This is her magic. 

And these magical qualities are what can transcend into all aspects of our life: career, relationships, community, and self that make us authentically powerful.

Usually when we pinpoint all the aspects of ourselves that we’re suppressing, lean into them, pull them out, dust them off and gracefully/powerfully own them, we automatically stop attracting subjects and opportunities into our life that don’t find these qualities magical. Those subjects and opportunities are merely lessons, and manifestations of our projected insecurities.

Instead, we become very magnetic and begin attracting the right subjects and opportunities into our life that takes us to our next level of life.

If you need help shifting this, I look forward to connecting over a session.

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