Holistic Housewarming


I am officially jumping off the ledge and moving. I'm finally giving up my little manifested safety nest in exchange for creating a home with my love in a beautiful house. And as this is a much bigger transition that simply spaces - layered with growing up, trust, and unity - I'm approaching this move much more differently than the past. This move offers opportunity to shed my youth and step into womanhood, trust that shedding my independence means gaining partnership and oneness, and creating a fully holistic environment with every single inch of the space. 

In the past, I'd have simply thrown all my possessions in a few boxes, arrived at my new space, designed it, and carried on. This time we are curating this space with all five senses. 

FEEL | Before moving anything, we are bringing in this feng shui consultant to asses the whole property. This will determine every decision we make in way of design, placement, garden, energy, furniture, and so on. 

I'll also only be incorporating textiles and furniture of pure and natural fibers such as: 100% wool, linen, wood, cotton, and clay.

SMELL | rather than burning a gazillion different smudges and natural scents, we'll be curating scent according to season, invoked energy, and home. 

SIGHT | in way of design, this home is going to be a hybrid of Japanese, French, and rustic California minimalism. Imagine what a 60 year old potter's home would look like in the Echo Park hills. See this pinterest board for a feel. 

It's also going to be a fully grown up home. That means that all plants will be curated in stunning ceramics rather than hodge podge terracotta. I'll be commissioning local artists for very large pieces (overtime) to fill the walls and elongate the ceilings. 

And most importantly, 90% of the house will consist of incredible vintage (flea market, thrift, or estate sale) finds in order to up-cycle rather than buy new (and add to consumer waste), stunning pieces I've inherited from family, and picked up on travels. 

HEAR | chimes, sound currents, and song bowls will fill the space. 

TASTE | An organic garden will line the backyard. 

A few staple items pictured above | infrared sauna | Japanese incense | SMN Poutporri

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips