NATIVE Week No. 12

free-and-native-cactus-dress-lacy phillips

Fell in love with this dress. Now I wear it daily. 

Has anyone else been feeling MAJOR procrastination energy? Or have I just been super lazy this week? This is the frequency I've been listening to - while working at my computer. 

Sophie Jaffe, of Philosophie, and I had a smoothie this week; and because she's the fittest woman I know, I asked her a few questions pertaining to my HIIT weekly workout. Here are the added tips she gave me: "1. HIIT 2x a week with high weights.  They should be high enough that after 8 reps you can't do anymore. 2. Engage your mind (visualize) and muscles of focus during each exercise, and you'd have to workout half as much as you do. 3. Cardio 4x a week. 4. Do 5 minutes of abs after every single workout. 5. Do yoga once a week to stretch the muscles and lean them out." I'm already feeling the wrath of these amazing tips. 

Tonight we're headed to see one of my favorite artist's exhibits at LACMA. 

Apparently everyone is raving about this film, and we still haven't managed to see it?!!! On next week's list. 

Hypnotist Morgan Yakus recommended this read to me. 

Deeeeeeeply in need of these towels for our new house. 

Just discovered this botanical alchemy, and I want to try. Especially this

My favorite Pandora summer station (yes, I still use Pandora). 

Been doing this everyday after both of my Vedic meditations, and I feel beyond! 

Photo | Juliette Favat

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips