French Radish, Butter & Fleur De Sel


As we are on the note of savoring the moment and realizing that, that offers us a relaxing with an easy approach to the valley portion of peaks and valleys, I wanted to share one of my favorite summer appetizers for gatherings. I learned about it in France; and what could be easier, beautifying, brain feeding, hormone feeding, ancient, and mineralizing? All it takes is a garden or good farmers market. 

French Radish Butter & Fleur De Sel

1 bunch of french radishes or medley of choice

Quality organic pasture raised butter (raw if you're lucky enough to have it locally)

Fleur De Sel, or salt of choice

PROCESS | Use plate of choice, and serve the radishes whole or sliced. Place butter & salt on the plate as well. The traditional snack calls for crusty bread topped with the ingredients. Enjoy however you please.

It's the perfect appetizer for late summer gatherings along side pate, citrus salads, and olives. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips