August | Savor the Moment


Summer in general – but especially August – is a time to truly savor the moment before we progress into the wrath of Indian summer, which has a focus of integrating experiences. As humans that seem to operate from society’s commercial calendar, many of us can get pretty swept off balance with commercial marketing such as “autumn’s back to school shopping”, synthetic pumpkin scented candles, and more. This forces us out of our natural rhythmic cycles.

However, traditionally and energetically, Autumn’s gift to the seasonal cycles is to really ground into the moment and all the natural treasures this season offers. And like all cycles, we have peaks and valleys. Autumn is one of those easy, effortless, warm, and flowing valleys. These suggestions below may seem obvious, so I write them as permission rather than suggested tips.

Then next time you get wrapped up into the rush, the anxiety, work, pressure, and the stress of it all, give yourself permission to work less, finish earlier, and tap into natural pleasures.

FORAGE | grab house scissors and a basket (or bag) and head out on a dusk walk to gather a seasonal arrangement. Olive tree branches, succulents, roses, and dahlias are some of my personal favorites right now. You needn’t be a florist to trim them all to size and arrange them in vases, jars, glasses to distribute through your home: by your bedside, on your desk, table, in the kitchen. Nothing is more centering and in the moment than fresh plants.

NO | set boundaries this season with yourself and others. Don’t take on the big project that you don’t want. Don’t help the person you don’t want to help - but feel obligated to. Say no to your inner ego that is pressuring you to do more and enjoy less. This is the time to savor the moment, not spread yourself thin.

WALK | after dinner, take evening walks by yourself, with a pet, or a partner/friend. Not only is this extraordinary for digestion - and forces you to look up to the moon and stars - but you’re also less likely to get caught picking citrus and rosemary form other people’s properties along the way (like me).

SPONTANEOUSLY | toss a picnic or tent into the car and set out for an overnight camping trip at the beach or renegade it at a random location. If that feels intimidating, take that picnic to your local beach or water pool to enjoy for the afternoon.  

STONE FRUIT | is still in abundance, so savor them. Make smoothies, raw ice cream, super food popsicles, jam, galettes, and salads out of them.

CONNECT | this is a time to connect and savor the moment together. Hold gatherings at home. Make them easy. Throw together a beautiful mezze platter with some berries and cream to follow. Make out. Have deep and happy conversations. Open your heart. And do it all under the beautiful august sky, or open the windows to allow the breeze to sweep through and spy on you. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips