Self-Confidence Mudra

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While we're on the subject of "peaks and valleys" this week, let's get into maintaining self-confidence during the calmer, lower times. As I'm a workaholic, much of my validation comes from creating something and putting it into the world. Then watching what incredible things show up in return. However, when we are meant to go inward, or our focus is to calmly "savor the moment", I can get quite jumbled. Slower times can truly knock me off my rock of confidence, which then runs the possibility of flowing any way the the wind blows. Or similarly, if I'm simply ungrounded and have disconnected from myself, I need an extra anchor to ground back into my confidence. 

Out of the many tools I have for this, I do have to say that this particular mudra anchors me right back in place, always. 

It's one thing to tell everyone that confidence is the most beautifying trait one can have. It's another to live and experience that. When I'm confident, I radiate. So much so that it doesn't matter what I wear, look like, or do. Self-confidence is also THE magnetic trait of Manifestation (in one's power). Not contrived confidence. But true, connected confidence. And for this I like to anchor into it always. 


The power of this mudra adjusts the energy of the perception centers of your brain and improves your projection of positive energy. It also prevents self-defeating thoughts and actions. 

PROCESS | sit comfortably with a straight spine. Place hands between your stomach and heart, elbows extended away from your body to the sides. Touch the middle knuckles of the last three fingers together. Point your index fingers out and away from your body, pads together. Point your thumbs back towards your chest as far as possible, touch each other from the last knuckles to the tip. Your thumbs are touching your body at the point of the solar plexus.

Breath long, deep, and slowly. 

(optional) I recite the mantra : Ek Ong kar sat guru prasad. Sat guru prasad ek ong kar. (The creator is one that dispels darkness and illuminates us by his grace). 

I also close my eyes and focus them on my third eye. 

Hold for a few minutes. Until you feel your self-confidence strengthening firmly again. Then release. 

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Mudra from this easy to digest book on mudras

Photo | Juliette Favat

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