NATIVE Week No. 13


I've had the Superb Smoothie every single day this week (and last). Even Max keeps surprising me with them, so some days I've doubled down. Phew. I feel so much better now that I've shared that in group. 

Has everyone watched model Camille Rowe's Vogue doc-series on her exploration in wellness? 

Also, completely unrelated but we've been O B S E S S E D with Netflix's show Stranger Things. You will be too. 

For all the F+N NYC community that has reached out via email, Facebook and Instagram, I've just announced my PRACTICE and PARTNERSHIP workshops that will be taking place at a loft in Brooklyn this September. 

If you guys don't follow my astrologer, Danielle Beinstein's, astrological and moon updates, then I highly suggest it. She so generously shares them on Instagram. 

I've been so into her lately, so I've been pouring over this book all week. My dog just stares at me in confusion as I try all the hormone energy practices. 

Because I've been moving, and everything feels very ungrounded with moves, I've been nesting quite a bit. My way of nesting is cooking A LOT. I made this, this, and this, this week. Is it weird that I'm craving all fall foods? I think I'm reaching for grounded cozy comfort? I'm also VERY new to living in A.C., so that might be playing a role too.

If anyone ("everyone") is needing to build a little iron and blood (without supplementing), here is my infusion recipe for that! 

Need, need need!!!!!

Going to try and watch this documentary this weekend. 

Yesterday, the psychic that all my wellness friends use came over for a pretty intense reading. But he gave me this Prayer at Sunrise from this book to say aloud before every meal. Anyway, I found it really beautiful. 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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