Olivia Clementine • Calming Infusion Recipe

Last weekend was incredibly unearthing. All my clients noticed; and I’m sure most of you have noticed, but it feels as if we’re in a mock Mercury in retro. Is it the upcoming eclipses? Regardless, I was on the verge of losing my mind Saturday and Sunday. And like everything, I was introduced to Olivia Clementine’s stunning products at the most divine time. As a farmer and herbalist in Staatsburg, New York, Olivia’s Ayurvedic treasures were exactly what I needed to keep calm and maintain balance this weekend. Literally!

In the evening, when it cooled down, I would enjoy her Golden Vitality an hour after dinner. Ashwagandha (to manage my blues and coax me into a deep sleep), Ginger (to help with digestion and to get my blood circulating), chaga (to keep my anxious immunity strong), and turmeric (for stress-induced inflammation - plus a true beauty boost). I’d steep it in a bit of warm coconut mylk with a few drops of stevia to create a quick Golden Milk nightcap.

Each evening I took a magnesium bath to tame my anxiety. And after my 20 minute soak, I’d massage four drops of her Wild Rose Face Oil into my face and neck (in upward strokes), which is deeply nourishing with: almond oil, jojoba, burdock, bala, rubia cordifolia, turmeric, rose, and sandalwood. This kept me feeling special, open hearted, and beautiful in the midst of A LOT of energy.

And lastly, I am still enjoying 2-3 cups of the infusion I made out of her Chamomile & Lavender Tea, which was the ultimate calming agent throughout each day. I even made one for my dear friend’s baby shower on Saturday.

So more than a recipe, this post is a deep note of gratitude to Olivia Clementine for coming to the rescue this weekend. What a gift to have someone in the world creating such vibrational magic with intention and ultra quality ingredients.

Chamomile Lavender Infusion

8 c glass jar

8 teaspoons of Olivia Clementine Chamomile Lavender Blend

8 c purified water

PROCESS | add loose herbs to the jar. Bring water to a boil in kettle. Pour over herbs in jar and cap with lid. Steep for four hours and enjoy warm, room temperature or (if you’re naughty like me) chilled. 

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