Many of you know that I am a HUGE supporter and proponent of consciously choosing to support and purchase sustainable clothing over conventional. While my ratio is down to about 85% non-toxic, conscious garments, I still have a good 15% to go. But it's brands like VYAYAMA that is making this commitment much easier. I have a few standards in the "slow clothing" movement, which are: chic, quality, and less toxic. Not only does VYAYAMA meet all of those standards, but they've decided to raise the bar by going ALL the way. I'll let them explain why this is going to be your newest brand obsession!


The Sanskrit word to move, VYAYAMA (pronounced “vai-ah-mah”) was founded with the intention of providing a natural alternative to synthetic yoga wear.  

VYAYAMA is a New York-based lifestyle brand that draws inspiration and innovation from the natural world to create a collection of apparel that is naturally made for movement. We believe that the products we use and wear should be held to the same standards that we hold for ourselves.

We are advocates for healthy living. We think it's important as a new brand to take on this responsibility and offer clothing that is as healthy for you as the organic food you eat and the pure water you drink.


In Sanskrit, 'Kala’ describes “time, black and a fixed point in time.” Our trademarked KALABLAK™ fabric is a rich black, never-fade fabric mindfully crafted from European TENCEL® and Black Italian Elastane. 

KALABLAK came into being, because we wanted to create the perfect black legging & yoga pieces to wear both in and out of the studio. Natural fashion essentials for a modern lifestyle. KALABLAK is the new Black! 

This luxurious, botanical blend is PH skin kind, smooth, slimming and supportive, sculpted to seamlessly flow with the wearer’s every move while naturally transporting moisture away from the body.  It’s also naturally anti-odor, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Made in Portugal.


Unfortunately, we find that many people are not yet informed about the level of toxins in their clothes, specifically synthetics, which make up most of the yoga wear clothes on the market today. These garments do not ever biodegrade and the performance features are chemical treatments, which have a potential negative impact not only on personal health but also the environment, as they can be washed out into the oceans from laundry to harm any sea creatures.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, some of the commonly occurring chemicals found in clothing - such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (flame retardants) and phthalates - are capable of causing skin rashes, birth defects, developmental retardation in children, and cancer.

We believe our botanical intelligence is the new answer to synthetics. We use TENCEL® from Lenzing in our garments. Tencel® made from sustainably-farmed eucalyptus trees is a natural, plant-based source rather than oil-derived. The trees originate from a South African wood that is Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainable. The pulping is done in an energy-efficient plant in Austria and the fiber is closed loop, meaning that most all solvents and water from the process are recycled. All of the dye-houses of our production facilities have clean internal water treatments and in no way create any negative impact on the local environment. Also, our fabrics are knitted in the same area as our garment production in order reduce transportation impact.

After the creation of our clothes, we ensure that all pieces are third-party tested and certified 100% safe for the wearer by the European Oeko-tex® Standard 100. This prestigious certification ensures that no harmful toxins, from either fibers or production components, could possibly be absorbed by the skin while wearing.


Our garments have absolutely nothing harmful in your final clothes that pose a risk to human health. Instead they are naturally wicking, anti bacterial and PH Skin friendly. One big plus with nontoxic clothing, is the skin friendly pH. When the skin's pH level is compromised by toxins, your defenses are down, leaving the body vulnerable to bacteria, moisture loss, and irritation. Our Oeko-tex certified garments avoid all these stresses and feel lovely against your skin.


At VYAYAMA it's important that all aspects of our clothing align with the flow of a yogic lifestyle, but we don't believe being mindful has to be separate from enjoying fashion. We are New Yorkers after all! We've designed all of our pieces in print and in black to become an integral part of our fashion wardrobe. Our leggings have an innovative elongating one-piece inner seam that avoids the need for a gusset. Our shadow prints on matte soft touch TENCEL® are uniquely designed for exact pattern placement. Our seamless cashmere blend layering pieces are super soft, feather light and luxurious to the touch.

Botanical Fabrics are a win win for the wearer and the environment. Coupled with creative design there is no reason for botanical fashion to be seen as anything separate from fashion. We hope that responsible choices for the body and environment become the norm for clothing not the exception!


i. We can't wait to try aroma yoga! We are very much obsessing over pure and organic essential oils that we are selecting for future product collaborations. 

ii. Moon Body Soul, a beautiful natural Vegan skin care and bath product line that we met at the ETH.ICS event in LA this week. 

iii. Social meditation, and the possible effects it can have on the environment

iv. Cupro a byproduct fiber from the cotton plant that we want to use to make seamless garments for next season.

v. The gorgeous physical and energetic benefits of the Icelandic hot springs where we will be shooting our next campaign later this month!

Photo | Juliette Favat

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