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Because I wasn’t born with the gift of seeing energy, nor have I worked at length to develop that, I interestingly enough see the world through energy. Not literally, but energetically.

I’ll explain. I don’t see money as a tangible item. I see it as an energetic flow that expands or contracts based on a person’s structural belief system. And that is how I train my clients to also recognize their financial situation – as energy. During sessions, I’ll ask my new clients many questions in order to see where they are holding energy or where they have created or inherited energetic blocks. And though I don’t literally see their aura or meridian waves, I do have the gift of being able to decode what The Universe is up to based on what is energetically showing up around them, in them, or in their past.

Therefore, this is a brief post on encouraging all of you out there to tap into your energy. The more you focus on energy vs. what is literally in front of you, the easier it is to detect what needs to be shifted, subtracted, added, or expanded in your life. And MUCH quicker.

Relationships are a great example because everyone can relate to them. Have you ever had a friend appear trusting and loving in all the physical ways they should; however, you could energetically feel that they’d love to see you fail, or that they are jealous of you? Have you ever been in a partnership that seems right on paper but energetically so many other messages are flying around? Such as distrust, dragging along, or surface level emotional depth? This carries over to every aspect of life. When we start reading the energy of others or situations, we can start decoding in ourselves what beliefs we are projecting, for everything outside of us is the sum of our beliefs showing up. It’s also a wonderful starting point for opening up communication with yourself, a situation you’re in, or with another that you are looking to cultivate a deeper relationship with.

i. Take the whole day today and tomorrow to simply read the real energy behind each situation or relationship you're involved in. Take away actions and words, and just read (feel) the energy. What are you coming up with?

ii. Once you figure it out, flip it around on yourself and discover what you might be projecting to receive that energy.

Example, you attracted yet another emotionally unavailable dating experience or friendship. Now turn that around and see all the ways you are being emotional unavailable with yourself? Are you not accepting yourself exactly as you are? Are you not allowing yourself to feel your feelings and being okay with the feelings that are coming up? Are you beating yourself up? Berating yourself?

iii. Now you’ve just discovered some stuff that needs to be worked on. Because below that stuff are beliefs that are creating you to act a certain way. Referencing the example above. Maybe growing up, your family never expressed emotions or communicated, so you were taught that it wasn't safe or okay to have emotions. Or when you did, you were abandoned and not accepted. Whatever the beliefs are below, you need to work on them in order to shift the dating experiences that are showing up in your life. Once you shift them, new dating experiences will show up. With a new energy. 

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