NATIVE Week No. 13


I hate taxes. But I love organization. After pushing them off with an extension, yesterday was tax day, so I took what my partner's father refers to as a "mental health day", and I didn't do any work. Instead, after my tax meeting commenced, I made this ice cream instead. (*I made raw coconut mylk by blending the water and meat of a coconut). I folded peaches into my ice cream maker toward the end. 

Really, really, really into this ring

I got to try this hydrosol, this mask, and this mask. Especially OBSESSED with the Bee Rosey Exfoliating Mask. I added it to yogurt and then to my face. OMG!

I finally bought a twelve pack, and I get what all the fuss is about. As someone that doesn't drink because of my hormones, I also fancied it up last week at a little gathering I held by pouring it into fancy glasses, added a dropper of these bitters, and a peel of Grapefruit with a sprig of thyme. Voila, the perfect aperitif to wet the appetite and avoid all hangovers. 

I got an advanced copy of this book and my fall heart exploded. Currently dogeared to make EVERYTHING! 

The heat finally caught up to me, so I used my crockpot all week. This was my favorite recipe (though I left out the peas and added farmers' market cauliflower and potatoes). 

As someone fascinated with the brain, this really interested me. 

Super vibing on these ethically sourced, plant dyed silks. 

Shoes in photo (which are having quite a large summer sale!!). 

Photo | Juliette Favat

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips