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Hormones. You’ve all heard me talk about hormones at one time or another on here, as they dictate so much in my life – all of ours – but with an endocrine system that is imbalanced – adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues – it can be very debilitating. So I thought I’d dedicate a week to this complicated and simple biochemical control panel that determines SO much of our wellbeing.

I’ll first start by stating that even though we all share the exact same endocrine system, we all vary immensely in constitution. Therefore diet, herbs, and fitness plans also vary from person to person. Take me for example, nothing tweaked up my hormones more than when I was raw and vegan. It was truly devastating for my constitution and I’ve been course correcting ever since. Where another person might absolutely thrive on that (which I’m envious of, because I prefer it). However, this vata/woman does not. So I’ll spare those specific bits and get right into the “universal” tools that have worked immensely on my clients, my wellness friends and me.

I’ve tried, read, and engaged in MANY hormone remedies, literature, and healing practices imaginable. This week is a window into how I have found a lot of balance, healed my psoriasis, MOST PMS symptoms, keep my weight in check, FINALLY thickened and grew out my dry stringy hair, got my libido back, and keep the daily crashes from happening.

So today I’ll ease into it with something light, free, and easy that each of you can start this very moment with zero side effects or by buying anything. All it takes are your fingers and some breathing. Weirdly simple, but freakishly powerful. And this can benefit anyone whether you suspect you have a hormone imbalance or not.

            The Triple Axis Hold           

Understanding your glandular system and how to nourish and strengthen it is going to be one’s best friend on the path to balanced and aligned hormones. This particular energy exercise is a quick and simple technique that calms and balances your hormones, and benefits the pituitary and hypothalamus glands when they aren’t energetically connecting for one reason or another. Give it a try for the next 40 days and document what your month is like. Pay attention to your sleep and your next PMS symptoms. Stick with it and watch the subtle shifts.

PROCESS | (30 seconds, twice daily – morning and evening) Place the heel of either hand on your forehead, then take your middle finger and rest it on the top of your head. Make a three-finger cluster with the thumb, index, and third fingers of your other hand and place it just beyond the curve of your head. Hold for three deep breaths. 

From Energy Medicine For Women (more on this later) 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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