Jet Lag


'Tis the season. Most of us are in transit from one timezone to another. I feel like this is something that my partner and I have down to a T now. And it never fails us. Here are my tips to avoid Jet Lag during your summer travels.

Avoid Jet Lag

STAY AWAKE | it's important to instantly get on the destination's time zone from the moment you hop flight. This usually means staying awake for a lengthy amount of hours. Example. You're flying from Los Angeles to France. You'll only want to sleep (on the plane and upon arrival) during the sleeping hours in France. This may be mid-flight, but important to stay awake before and after. Then you'll continue to stay awake upon arrival all the way until French bedtime. You may be up for extensive hours and feel like a zombie but this is the cure for Jet Lag.

EAT | the second aspect to this is that it is important to eat on the destination's eating schedule once you hop flight; and once you arrive. Even if you aren't that hungry, this will naturally adjust your internal rhythm. 

These two tools alone will save you from Jet lag. You may feel tired the two following evenings but you won't miss a beat and you'll be right on schedule. We managed to have zero jet lag our last three trips. Both ways.


Jet Lag Bath & Detox | upon arrival, when you need to stay awake, take a mild bath with a full bag of epsom salt and four drops of peppermint & eucalyptus oil. Soak for 20 minutes. This will help balance your natural rhythms, detox toxins, and get the lymphatic system moving again. If you're arriving in the evening, have a slightly warmer epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs | travel with an eye mask & ear plugs to help you sleep during these odd times on the plane. 

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