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It's official. After three visits, I can honestly say that Portland is a very unique and wonderful energy.  It is very much for the people, and offers an amazing quality of life. Starting with the fact that it doesn't have sales tax!! Shopping and eating out is such a gift without this extra expense. It's kind, clean, beautiful, progressive and hip. Here are the spots I frequent. 

I could never come to Portland without popping into to see my facialist Ally Draizin, founder of Heart of Gold. This herbalist, intuitive, and skin genius is a unicorn. From wildcrafting and blending her own products to offering lifestyle shifts, she is one of a kind. I'd kill to have her in LA. 

The moment the plane lands, I always pop here first for bone broth in order to cleanse my liver, rehydrate with minerals, and combat inflammation caused by flight. And I always pick up extra for the house.

Brookes Boswell is the one stop shop for all hat needs. She is a true artist. 

I eat here every single time I come. 

A stunning shop for all things home, spiritual, and objects. The closet thing to LA and Brooklyn. 

Do yourself a favor and visit this traditional Finnish sauna. 

My favorite clothing shop!!!

My second favorite clothing shop

If you're a cacao lover, you simply can't miss this place

The sweetest little cafe that everyone needs to dine at. 

My favorite Portland eco brand

A hotel worth considering. 

For the perfect bowl (or a juice). 

Ally said that I MUST work with this shaman.

Photo | Juliette Favat

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