Intuitive Tools & Practices


Sometimes intuition needs luring. Sometimes it needs inviting. And sometimes it needs a little guidance. Here are some tools to consider when you’re feeling like your “intuition is off”, or simply for those that haven’t had the opportunity to tap into it much. I invite you to give some of these practices a try.

GOTU KOLA | not only is this toning adaptogenic herb beneficial for calming and supporting the nervous system, aiding digestion, and strengthening the adrenals, but it’s also my favorite herb for opening the third eye and tapping into my intuition or psychic. It’s safe to consume over long periods of time, though suggested to take day or week breaks in between. I personally don’t take it that often unless I’m in need of some deeper intuitive insight. Another option is drinking this adaptogen powerhouse.

INTUITION KRIYA | anytime I practice Kundalini, I feel more intuitively connected and receive constant downloads. But I really connect with this particular kriya, which activates “knowing through intuition”.

DREAM CONVERSATION | another thing I learned recently is inviting a conversation with your dreams. Many simply fall asleep and receive anything. But you can actually guide the conversation with you your dreams. Before going to bed, journal or simply ask the Dream Maker a question you are looking for answers to. Even clarity surrounding manifestation. Don’t move without replaying what you just dreamed. Then journal it down immediately. Start to see what is revealed.

UNSTRUCTURED MEDITATION | Before begging, ask your intuition whatever you’ve been simmering on or wanting to know. Set a time like 20 minutes for yourself. Sit down, close your eyes, focus on your breath and third eye. At your third eye, start to visualize the color indigo. Once you’ve dropped into your meditation, let it all go. Don’t control your meditation. Let any messages come up that are supposed to. I love working with Selenite and TV Stone in this type of meditation. I simply hold the two in my hands. Or place them on my body.

However you decide to start dancing with you intuition, I offer one piece of advice, be gentle with it. Be kind to it. Don’t underestimate it. Keep a journal of what it’s showing you until you become very seasoned. And thank it endlessly, for nothing or no one is more equipped to guide you down this road called life than your intuition. 

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