NATIVE NYC September Round Up

free-and-native-lacy-phillips-wall-window-sweet grass

I'm over the moon that I can FINALLY share my live-in-everyday organic Japanese jean jacket. The evenings have been cool enough here to wear it every night. I love it over everything: fall floral dresses, vintage sweatshirts tucked into white pants, tees, and tanks. I even have my first two stains on it from so much love

Organic quick Indian food complete with Kitchari, fermented quinoa, organic teas, chaga drinks and more. 

Trying this workout today and a little nervous about it. 

Our favorite Korean spa that we popped into yesterday. 

Best home-cooked style Japanese clean food complete with miso cured salmon, natto, pickled Japanese Veggies, buckwheat tea, and the sweetest decor! 

Still thinking about this play. It resonated deeply with me and there's no wonder why it won 4 Tony Awards. 

Whoa to this Brooklyn-born scent trio coming out! 

Have you heard of this spot? My astrologer just told me about it!

FAVORITE vintage jewelry store

I pop in here daily and buy them out of their date quinoa cookies (meaning like four in one sitting). I'm starting to feel guilty about it. But only kind of. 

This has been my favorite exhibit here so far. 

I drink at least one Cashew Butter Baby a day. Not sure if I feel guilty about this yet. 

CAN'T WAIT to check out this vegan Japanese deli! 

I'm 100% going to get my aura read by this Chinese woman. For real. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips