Native Week No. 16

to-be-magnetic-Freaky Health Chocolate

Whoa, thank you Universe for this chocolate! Sweetened by Mulberries with only seven ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, mulberries, rose petals, Sun Potion He Shou Wu, Sun Potion Tocos, Himalayan pink salt. Check out the other flavors here. Also available at CAP Beauty. 

For everyone looking to basically re-set their lives right now. Here are some great words by the meditation & yoga teacher they are working with. 

Also this great article

Get ready to FREAK OUT!!! Sun Potion released their Matcha. Just in case you need the tool

Knew I was onto something. These are my favorite pieces I'm living in from this season's collection: jacket, pants, tee, and stripes

I'm so grateful to have been traveling with this oil, this oil, and this oil

A frequency to raise positive vibes. 

Quite excited to fly home today and get back into my kitchen. Thinking to make this, this weekend. 

Major fall inspo from my favorite Brooklyn blogger. 

Has everyone been to The Now in Santa Monica now? All my pals went while I was in NYC last Wednesday and I'm still feeling lingering FOMO. 

Tip | a beautiful little design element (and practical) to consider is leaving some dried sage leaves or a stick of palo santo in a nice little ceramic, or wood dish, with some chic matches in your bathrooms. I put mine on the back of my toilet. Everyone will be grateful all around. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips