Birth Control


I’ve had many of you reach out regarding my personal approach to birth control. I’ve thought about sharing this topic for quite sometime, but then it always seems to slip off my calendar. Truth is, I’m about as natural as they come.

I have tried the pill twice in my life, four months total. Once in high school, and once when I was twenty-three. Both times didn’t compliment me at all. I was met with weight gain, uncontrollable emotions, melasma, and a disconnected feeling from the intuitive relationship I have with my body. So that was it, I wiped my hands of unnatural hormones in my body in order to prevent pregnancy.

PULL-OUT | Therefore, I’ve always practiced what everyone else I know in wellness practices, the “pull-out method” – my whole life. For such a method, it takes absolute trust with one’s partner. Each partner I’ve had has been incredibly responsible with their timing.

I’m a serial monogamous in relationships that usually average 3-6 years. I don’t sleep with partners before six weeks. And I absolutely require test results before sex. The two years I was single - by choice to find a deep knowing of self that didn’t need a partner - I would use condoms. I’m allergic to latex so I used a natural alternative.

Two things to be said about this method, based on my own two cents, are that I’m a Capricorn moon and a vata. That’s code for: ‘I’m a control freak.’ Therefore, energetically, my body follows the same rhythm. When I’m stressed, the first thing that goes out the door is digestion. I have a very contracted constitution, which is deeper code for: I have the type of body that needs to be sat down and given permission to get pregnant. I’ve never ever been pregnant.

So as a caveat to this method, if one has a very relaxed, expansive and easy-going body/ constitution, they might be more susceptible to unwanted pregnancy than I.

Second, if one has multiple partners, intermittent sex, or a partner that is not very trustworthy, punctual, or reliable, I certainly wouldn’t trust them with this method as it all depends on the man. I’ve had two friends of mine get pregnant this way. Each was with a deadbeat that didn’t care about themselves much less the women. Those are the only two I’ve ever heard of.

CHARTING | with my current partner, we practice the charting or cycling method. This means that we only pull out five days before I’m ovulating and two days after. We’ve been practicing this for a year. Reading Woman Code gave me an even deeper depth of body intuition than I had before. Therefore, I ALWAYS know when I’m ovulating. My ovaries will throb a couple of days leading up to it. Then the vaginal mucus begins and changes form during that time. The day that it’s sticky and egg-white-like is the actual day that is most optimal for conception. It’s a communication that is almost third nature now for my body and I. However, I certainly started with an App. Because sperm can live up to five days in the canal, we start pulling out at that time.

I’m at a time in my life where I’m perfectly fine getting pregnant. I’m with the person that I plan to have children with and we’re in a position where that would be beautiful. Again, I know my body and I know that I’d have to truly give it permission beforehand, so this is the best practice for me at this time.

COCONUT OIL | I use this as a form of lube every single time as I’m sensitive and yeast infections or UTI’s are completely unwelcome. We swap bacteria with our partners during intercourse, this is a wonderful method for preventing unwanted bacteria.

So this is my own personal relationship with birth control. I know some herbalist that use herbs as a means of birth control, and I know others that use natural condoms. For the most part, most of the people I know approaching natural birth control tend to use the pull-out method.

Because we are all so unique, and in such unique spaces in our lives, I encourage every woman to look into the option(s) that are best for them. My approach is in no way the right approach, it's simply an answer to the many emails I've received asking what I do. I’m not quite familiar with the less invasive estrogen birth controls on the market, but I imagine there must be more options than ten years ago when I last investigated. Regardless of how you approach this personal choice, more than anything, it’s important that we educated ourselves on what is best for us individually, and then support each other’s personal journey. 

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